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Office of O. C.J. leads in Takahashi, who is welcomed by Jed and Abbey. There are formal greetings, and then Abbey says, "What a pleasant surprise." Takahashi thanks them for allowing him to say hello. Aaaaah! I just realized that Takahashi is being played by the voice of Aku. Look out Jed! He'll transport you to the future! Then there's an awkward pause that's long enough that I might have my cable hooked up by the end of it. Jed breaks the silence by saying how much he regrets that he's too busy to spend much time with Aku. There's a little chatter about old times -- Jed and Aku were in grad school together, where they competed over a fellowship. Aku describes himself as a bookworm and Jed as a politician, and then basically says that Jed's presidency has been "a footnote to explain his theory." I think I see some flaming coming out of Jed's nostril as he excuses himself, telling Aku that they'll have to continue the conversation at dinner. Abbey takes one for the team, inviting Aku to join her in another room for tea. After the two of them leave, C.J. tries to find some words to describe Aku. Jed has some of his own: "Smug son of a bitch." Well, he is the source of all of the world's evil -- what did you expect? Jed is fuming about what he perceived as subtle digs from Aku in their brief conversation. He dishes out an insult or two of his own, and then C.J. interrupts him to point out, "With all due respect, sir, you sit in this office. You're pretty much not allowed to harbor professional jealousies." Jed looks sullen for a moment, and then says, "He started it." Be nice, Jed, or you won't be allowed to have any dessert.

Cliff emerges from a door in the Capitol that is labeled "Office of the Vice-President." He looks down the hall, where he sees Santos. Santos catches his eye and then nods his head down the stairs, as if to say, "Follow me." I've seen that look before, but it usually involved creepy old men in public restrooms. And following them is never a good idea. Cliff and Santos walk down separate staircases that meet at a common landing. Cliff keeps looking over at Santos, as if thinking to himself, "First I get Josh's old job, now I get his boyfriend?" As they meet on the landing, Santos explains that he got held up on the way to his fundraiser in Hartford. Cliff starts to go on about the importance of Santos's staying in town, but as they get closer together, Santos cuts him off with a quiet whisper: "Okay, look unhappy." Cliff is clearly not as used to sneaking around behind people's backs as Santos is, because he looks a bit confused. Santos points out that he's shaking his head "no," and Cliff wonders if that really means that he's saying "yes." Santos tells him that he's not sure, and then tells him not to smile. Cliff asks, "Is it too much if I slump?" Santos looks him up and down (for real) and tells him to be careful. Santos quietly asks where they can meet, and Cliff suggests his office in half an hour. Santos looks at his watch, and more loudly says, "Look, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry," as he walks away. Yeah, you're gonna be sorry if Josh catches the two of you. Cliff is just dumsquizzled. Commercials.

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