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Kate and Will walk down a stairwell. Actually, I think it's the only stairwell we ever see in the White House. He asks if she's the "point man on the Saskatchewan incursion." Will, if you really are interested in Kate, I'm not sure how much it advances your cause to call her a man. Unless you know something about her that the rest of us don't. ["Yay, someone in pop culture said 'Saskatchewan'! I am bursting with provincial pride." -- Wing Chun] Kate asks Will if he really has the clearance to discuss something as delicate as a drunken standoff at the Canadian border, and he tells her that Bingo Bob wanted him to weigh in on the matter. Kate looks exasperated, saying, "Please, tell me this is a ruse concocted to steal moments in my promising company." Yeah, I think they totally did it. Kate asks if the Veep is a snow-gooser, and Will tells her that he actually hunts bear from his cabin near Chinook. (Which he completely mispronounces, by the way.) In fact, the Veep hunts with the Governor of Montana. Will tells Kate that he wants to make sure that "we" don't back down or look weak. Kate doesn't think there is a "we" in this: "It's fifteen drunks in camo vests." Will repeats that Bob advocates a hard line. Kate wonders if this means "a permanent lockout in the NHL, a maple syrup embargo, turn off Niagara Falls?" Oh, that NHL line has gotta hurt. At least, it's gotta hurt the ten of you who are NHL fans. Kate puts her hand on the scanner and enters the Sit Room.

Annabeth leads a dozen adolescents through the West Wing. With one or two exceptions, they are taller than she is. She tells them she knows they're disappointed, and one young woman explains that they understand that the President's schedule can change quickly. A rather unfortunately geeky-looking young man explains that the kids didn't mind having to meet with C.J., or even Toby. Annabeth: "But getting bumped to Deputy Press Secretary in charge of hairstyles kind of sucks, huh?" Geek Boy tells Annabeth that if they were a student media group, they "wouldn't be lodging this protest." Geek Girl pointedly tells Geek Boy that they aren't lodging a protest. She also calls him Cody. Cody asks Annabeth if she even read their materials. At that moment, Toby walks behind the group, realizes who they are, and walks the other way. Annabeth explains that she did read their materials. Cody: "Then you know that a glorified field trip is a waste of our time." Annabeth gives her best Broadway smile (which, since this is Kristin Chenoweth we're talking about, is pretty good), and tells him, "Let's talk about it on our way to the East Room." The students follow her, but Cody is clearly not happy.

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