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Cliff walks into his office and finds Josh standing behind his desk, perusing some document that was left on the desktop. Awkward. Cliff closes the door, as Josh tells him, "I love what you've done with the place." Cliff tells Josh he was expecting Santos, and Josh explains that he'll be there soon: "But you're wasting his time with this." Cliff starts talking about how stem-cell research is a winning political issue for Democrats, but that's not what Josh is concerned about. As Santos walks in and tells Cliff that they're "on board," Josh points out that there's no viable strategy to win the fight, since Haffley will never schedule a vote when there are enough Democrats in town to carry the day. Cliff shows that he definitely has a pair when he explains to Josh that he is "talking to the Congressman at his request about his president's agenda. Maybe [Josh] could give [the two of them] a sec?" Josh can't quite believe what he's hearing: "You kicking me out? Of this office? So you can be alone with my boyfriend?" That last sentence might have been implied. Santos sees that if he really wants that three-way he's hankering after, he's going to have to smooth things over with Josh. He asks Cliff if he could give Josh and Santos a minute alone. As Cliff steps out, he tells Josh, "My office is your office." Josh is a pissy queen, responding, "Was, in fact." Yeah, that's right, it was your office, Josh. You gave it up, so don't be surprised that somebody else has marked it as his territory. Josh is angry to hear that Santos set up the meeting with Cliff, and Santos points out, "You can't let me out of your sight for a minute." Josh points out that they're going to lose the vote if they leave town, but that the vote will never take place if they stick around. But Santos has a plan. He just needs Josh and Cliff to work together to "iron out some crucial details." Yeah, like, what's the safe word going to be?

Kate's in...a room off the Sit Room? Have we ever seen this room before? And will she ever get an office of her own? She has a bound document in her hand, and she asks Military Guy, who is entering the room, what it is. He tells her that it's "Operation Northern Lights." Apparently, someone has already developed a plan to infiltrate Canada with CIA operatives disguised as ranchers so that they can "assess the threat level" before the insertion and extraction phase. Which sounds too dirty even for me. Kate wonders whether he's thinking of Blackhawks or something else (something that sounds like "halo drop"). Military Guy says that he can work up a strategy for both of those things. Kate was clearly not serious, and she tells him to stop. Fish and Wildlife Guy enters the room to tell them that the ranchers are issuing a statement on Canadian television. (I guess they decided it was important enough to preempt a repeat of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Because that's the only thing on Canadian television, isn't it? ["...yes." -- Wing Chun]) Kate hands the Operation Northern Lights plan back to Military Guy, and tells him, "Don't give this to anyone. Including me."

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