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Donna's instructing Josh to look at some catalogues before the end of the day. He complains that Christmas is three weeks away. She says that Chanukah's only two. Josh: "That's plenty of time." Donna: "Who's in charge of shopping?" Josh: "You are." She continues, "The pages are turned down with Post-Its to tell you which of your relatives the gifts are for. If you're happy with the choice, you should initial it at the X. If you're not happy with the choice, you should remember how this goes when you try to do it yourself." Josh is so totally the guy shopping on Christmas Eve as stores are closing, desperately buying the last bobble-head Dick Cheney figurine for his mother, and wondering just how observant a Jew he'd have to be in order to beg off Christmas completely. Josh: "I want polar fleece stuff." Donna: "Who's in charge of shopping?" Josh, weakly: "You are." Just then, Zoey cruises past and Josh perks right up, saying, "Hey!" She's wearing a low-cut, clingy black sweater, a rich brown knee-length leather skirt, and black leather knee-high boots. Or the sweater and boots might be dark brown, hard to tell. She does look fabulous. Josh says "wow" and tells her she looks fantastic. Donna tells her it's good to have her back. Zoey thanks them and keeps going; Josh says under his breath to Donna, "Gosh, she looks great." Dude, that's the boss's daughter. Put your eyes and your tongue back in your head. Donna makes a note on her shopping list: One polar fleece bib.

Donna wanders off as Josh stops to speak to Leo about whether he's still in charge of Congressional recruitment, or if Angela's doing it. So Angela's still around? Leo suggests that they sit down like adults and sort it out between themselves. Josh says he doesn't care, but that it's starting already. Then he tells Leo about Doug. Leo's thrilled, as you can imagine.

Josh and Leo are in the Oval Office, telling Jed about Doug's bid for Congress. Josh says he spoke to some people, including the DCCC, and that nobody's too excited about it. Leo asks if Jed knew about "this thing with Lanthorp Biotech." Jed says that the company was in a nose-dive, and that he knows Doug tried to rescue them. Josh: "He didn't." Leo says the DNC wants to run Mitch Clark, a three-term state legislature guy: "He's got ideas, he's a dealmaker. This has been a Republican seat for a couple of terms. The party doesn't want to risk it with anybody untried." Josh adds, "Even with our endorsement, he might not make it to the primary." I suppose for some districts, that could be "especially" with Bartlet's endorsement. Leo remarks, "Then everybody looks like an idiot." Jed says he'll speak with Doug, but Leo convinces him to let Josh do it.

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