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And now, just in case Allison Janney doesn't have her Emmy nod yet, we watch from a distance as she talks to her father, who is apparently barely able to follow the conversation but upset that she's not coming to see him as he was hoping. She tearfully apologizes, much as we've seen her do before, and footage plays of her on the roller coaster. I wonder if that's a metaphor. No, really. I wonder. Because I have never seen television or the movies before, and symbolism is a new concept to me, and I am therefore only guessing. I mean, it's very sad and everything, but seriously, we've seen this. And we've seen it covered better, and in more detail, and in more depth, and not shot through a couple of windows from a hundred feet away. There's just no point other than the scenery-chewing value.

C.J. gathers herself and leaves her office, and we watch more news footage on Flicker-Vision. The pundits have descended, and they're talking about the lack of leadership, and about the "racial profiling" and so forth. FNG says that C.J. was kept "at arm's length" during the crisis. Sheffield now explains about the flak jacket that gets handed down from each press secretary to the next, and how it has little notes in the pocket to provide encouragement. And traditionally, nobody shares what's written on any of the notes. You know, Deborah gave me...well, never mind. I think she's had enough muumuu jokes. Which sucks, because that's probably the best opportunity ever. I could have invented the "flak muumuu."

Elsewhere, in C.J.'s office, Carol pops in and tells her that Agent Casper is here. C.J. looks shocked. Agent Casper is also, by the way, the mysterious benefactor from the last two episodes of Sports Night, and even for being a fictional character who saved a fictional show when the real show could not be saved, I adore him. ["Others may know him as Clark Gregg." -- Wing Chun] When Casper comes in, C.J. starts to say nervously that it might be a bad idea for him to be there, but he says that Jed, the AG, and the FBI Director all asked him to come see her, so it's probably okay. He starts by apologizing on behalf of the director for the injured-child briefing that they didn't warn her about. They suddenly appear to have two cameras -- what's up with that? Anyway, Agent Casper tells her not to worry, it won't happen again. She asks why, and he makes her get rid of the cameras. So of course, we don't get to see this conversation. Because it would be interesting, and that would ruin the tone of the episode.

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