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FNG goes on to say that, weeks later, the charges against Holed-Up Guy included conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism, as it appears that he was part of a bigger ring of baddies. Leo comes to C.J.'s office and congratulates her on how she handled the briefing. He tells her that some blueprints were confiscated. That's kind of creepy, of course. Leo talks about what a big catch it was for the FBI, and C.J. asks if it's good enough "to put Casey Creek in the past." Leo says, "We'll see," and helps C.J. with her coat. Well, sort of. He does it rather ineptly, so C.J. winds up doing it herself. Holed-Up Guy has, as FNG explains, since died in prison after being convicted.

C.J. interviews that sometimes you just "let yourself be beaten up," because that's the job. We then watch her leaving work, as FNG voices over that the FBI Director remains controversial, and that C.J. is still the only woman to have served two terms as White House press secretary. So...I guess that removes any possibility that Jed or C.J. can be genuinely considered to be in peril at any time, huh? I hope they never expected to build any tension around either of those issues. Gotta love those terrible gimmicks that do long-term damage to your show.

Fade to black. Yaaay! Thank you for sharing my pain. I think we've really grown much closer as a result, don't you?

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