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We cut to the West Wing, where Josh and Toby are watching her on TV. Josh asks how she's doing; Toby thinks the Christians did a little better with the lions. And then they're at a commercial break already -- the show's been on air for about fifty seconds. Who goes to commercial after fifty seconds? Whatever. Josh tells Toby about Leo's request to be subpoenaed for the Ramses hearings. Toby's puzzled. Josh: "Hunt's asking for all emails within the DoD and Mueller-Wright. He thinks the bid process was rigged." He adds that Leo rose to O'Neal's defence. Toby: "Leo can't testify in front of the Armed Services Committee. Did you talk to him?" Josh says he tried. Toby: "Does the President know?" Josh: "Should he?" Is it just me or has Brad Whitford dyed his hair darker? I keep thinking I should colour my hair. I never have -- too scared. I was even too scared to try that Sun-In crap in high school, which was obviously a blessing, because have you seen how that shit looks?

Cut to the Sit Room, where lots of Sit Room Types are standing around. Jed comes in and asks, "Did we get 'em back?" He's told that they have single confirmation bursts from the SEAL team CSELs (Combat Survivor Evader Locaters). They've been on the move, but have had to stop in the woods because it's now daylight there. A clock on the wall shows the time as 02:06:47. (If that's Washington time, then there's a continuity error, because C.J.'s seven-minute segment was supposed to be done by 1:00 PM, and as we will soon learn, the show isn't over.) Jed asks what they do now -- just wait around until the sun goes down again? That is exactly what they have to do. Shadrach: "Here's hoping nobody decides to go berry-picking in those woods today." Jed gives the radar screen a Presidential stare.

Next we have what is easily the most bizarre scene in the entire episode, and likely in the top ten of such scenes for the whole series. We see Carol through a doorway, sitting in a chair, talking to someone in a chair next to her, except we can't see him at all. Obviously it must be Ben. The camera moves slowly forward as they yatter mindlessly. What we do get a good long look at is Carol's legs, and they're certainly nice and all. (That's your TWW sweeps month T&A moment there, by the way.) She seems pretty taken with him. The camera creeps slowly forward, around the door frame, as the chitchat continues. Carol's fascinated to learn that Ben studied range management. Gadzooks, who'd have thought, what with him being a ranger and all? There's yet another door in the way as the camera keeps edging closer while showing us as little as possible. I hear a quiet, grinding noise and I can't be sure if it's my teeth, or just the sound of tectonic plates shifting. Probably both. At this point I'm expecting Ben to look either like the Elephant Man or like Paul Newman. What is with the big reveal? They don't drag out the announcements of winners on American Idol this long, for mercy's sake. Finally, Ben tells Carol he's got a picture of himself and C.J. together in college, and it must have already been in his hand because he hands it to her immediately, leaning forward as he does. Finally, we see that it is Brian Kerwin, a nice-enough-looking chap and all, but what is with the protracted reveal? Ben says that it was taken right after he and C.J. started living together, adding: "God...she was something in a bikini, huh? She ever tell you about getting arrested...for stealing that donkey down in Cabo?" The camera moves in on the monitor on the desk behind them, where Nanny Nanny Boo Boo continues.

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