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We cut back to C.J. complaining to Taylor during the commercial, "You're not giving me a chance to answer. If you just want to bloviate, why don't I leave a cardboard cutout of myself and you can talk all you want?" Surely she knows how these pathetic excuses for political shows work by now. Also, I'm taking "bloviate" as a shout-out, since it's one of my favourite words and I wish I'd used it more in the recaps I've done of this show. Plus, I gotta grab my shout-outs where I can get them -- last episode and all! Taylor (whose name is styled "TaylorReid" on all the art for the show) assures C.J. that she's doing great, and then proceeds to twist her comment as soon as they're back on air. He starts in on her about Abby's practicing medicine again. C.J.'s ready for him this time, and gives him better than she got on his paid speeches to the pharmaceutical and HMO lobbies and that ilk. But as smackdowns go, it's...yawntastic.

Back in the West Wing, Josh seems satisfied with the smackdown nonetheless. They're watching the monitor while hanging around outside the Oval Office. Toby asks Debbie -- remember her, the President's assistant? -- how much longer she thinks it will be. She has no idea. Toby's drinking coffee and eating pastry. Of course, his cup is completely empty. Why can't they ever have TV characters with something in their paper cups? (The way things are going on this show, I'd think the actors would want it to be something you'd need to be over twenty-one to buy.) Even the best actors seem hard put to hold an empty paper cup as if there's anything in it. Give them a mug, if it's imperative that it be empty. Josh mutters about what Leo's proposing to do. Toby: "He's not thinking." Josh asks how long they served together. Through a mouthful of food, Toby asks, "Leo and O'Neal?" He doesn't know; he says it was a while before they were shot down. Charlie: "Leo was shot down?" Again, something I would think he'd know -- he spends so much time around Leo and Jed, and I could swear that's been mentioned before. Has Wells ever actually watched this show? Josh says they hid out in a jungle before being rescued. Toby asks Debbie: "Can I get a ballpark on how much longer it's going to be? An era, a Tchaikovsky symphony, a brief Ice Age, perhaps?" Debbie tells him he has some food stuck in his beard. Boy, I'll bet Lily Tomlin's glad she signed up for this gig. Toby just stares at her and eventually brushes it away. Meanwhile, Charlie asks Josh how long Leo was stranded for; Josh tells him it was three days. God, that was some painful exposition.

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