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Jed's in the Oval Office with some unspecified guest when Debbie knocks and says, "Excuse me, sir, Mr. Ziegler is being rather insistent." Since when does Toby's impatience count for this much? Jed stands up, saying, "As he so often is." He thanks his visitor, a Mr. Thomas, and says he'll think about whatever it is they were discussing. Toby and Josh come in as Jed asks, "So what's so important? Someone get the words to 'Yellow Submarine' wrong again?" Huh? What? That's only marginally funny, and it's apropos of exactly nothing. Josh: "It's about Leo, sir." Jed looks up, concerned.

Cut to Leo -- or at least, the back of his head -- talking to Margaret about whether Ken's called yet. She says she left messages with his office and his hotel. Leo says they were supposed to have lunch; he asks Margaret to find out what meetings Ken had that morning. Jed knocks and enters, asking Leo if he has a minute. Of course, he does. Jed asks about the SEAL team; there's still no word. Jed tells him that Toby and Josh came to see him about the Mueller-Wright thing. Leo said he told Josh he'd handle it. Jed: "By going in front of the Armed Services Committee?" Leo says Hunt is trying to embarrass the administration. Jed doesn't see how Leo's testifying is going to minimize the embarrassment. Leo thinks Hunt is bluffing, and that he's just pissed about Arizona's missing out at the trough. Jed carefully reminds Leo of his position as a senior corporate officer at Mueller-Wright for more than a decade: "You can't testify." Leo's in total denial: "It's not going to come to that." Jed: "It opens you up to being called in front of Congressional Committees on a whim." Leo replies, "I won't stand by while Hunt slanders a good man's name for political purposes." Leo is so fiercely and blindly loyal that he can't entertain -- even for a moment -- the notion that there might be something to the allegations against O'Neal. Jed: "Josh seems to think --" Leo: "Josh doesn't know what the hell he's talking about." Jed, not retreating but still treading carefully: "Have you asked Kenny if there's any truth...." Leo says he's known Ken for thirty-five years: "He hasn't done anything wrong." Jed just smiles and nods, knowing, I suppose, that it's this same blind loyalty that saw him through his own MS scandal and the assassination of Sharif. As he heads back to his office, though, he turns and says, "You can't testify, Leo." He says it the same way he's been saying it, but this time Leo seems to understand it as an order. Nonetheless: "I won't desert him, Mr. President." So he's clearly willing to sacrifice his job and this administration to the cause, the same things he wasn't willing to even moderate for the sake of his marriage. Jed tries one more time to find out if Leo's confronted Kenny about the truth of the matter. Leo: "I don't have to." Jed gives up and leaves. Leo sits down at his desk and starts moving papers around.

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