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C.J. returns from her appearance on Nanny Nanny Boo Boo pretty chuffed: "That was fun!" Carol chirps that she did great. C.J.: "Sanctimonious little guttersnipe sent a great big fat one over the plate -- health-care reform! From a guy who's still on the fence about the application of leeches!" C.J. mimics batting a ball. Carol: "He wants you back." (I'm not sure if she's talking about Taylor or Ben right now -- Taylor makes more sense, but Carol can't shut up about Ben.) C.J.'s still rambling on about her triumph as Carol says, "You missed Ben. He hung around for a while but he had to get back for a meeting at Interior." C.J.: "How does he look?" Carol: "If you don't want him, can I have him?" C.J.: "Does he still have the ruffled-hair, Redford in The Way We Were kind of thing going on?" Carol hands her a note and picture that Ben left. C.J. looks at it and smiles a bit to herself, thinking, no doubt, "I did look damn good in a bikini." We are not favoured with the evidence.

Josh, as if you couldn't have guessed, is very pissed at Swimtern, who's saying: "He asked a question!" Josh: "And I was answering it." Swimtern: "Incorrectly." Josh: "You work for me -- you don't correct me in front of the President." Swimtern: "Even when you're giving him wrong information?" Josh: "Yes!" Swimtern: "Really?" Josh grabs a very thick book off a nearby filing cabinet and tells him to "Xerox this. Front to back, double-sided. And...." Swimtern: "Collated?" Josh: "Yeah. Go wild." He leaves with his little punishment and Donna asks, "Trouble in mind-numbing Presidential briefing paradise?" Josh mutters, "Eve Harrington in penny loafers here just corrected me in front of the President?" Donna: "Were you wrong?" Josh doesn't think that's the point. Donna: "What is the point?" Josh says he's going into his office. Donna tells him that Senator Hunt's in there.

Josh apologizes for keeping Hunt waiting. Hunt says it's okay, since his visit was unscheduled. He says that he lost his temper with Leo the day before: "He accused me of some things; I responded in kind. I want you to keep him from publicly supporting Ken O'Neal." Josh gestures for Hunt to sit down, and says, "Senator, Leo doesn't take direction from me. I can't keep him from making a breakfast order." Hunt: "I understand loyalty. There are men that I served with that I would do anything for -- and they for me. But you can't let Leo get involved in this. You know Mark Lofton?" Josh doesn't. Anyway, he's some DoD guy who used to make eighty grand who supervised the Ramses bid and now makes 300 grand as the Senior Vice-President of a major defence contractor: "Want to guess who he works for?" Josh looks unhappy.

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