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Sit Room. NF Squared, Jed, and Shadrach are there; Leo is not. They've rescued all five "pieces of cargo," i.e. the crew members. Everyone applauds. Jed speaks directly to the SEAL team leader, asking the condition of the "cargo." There are some broken bones and bruised egos, but everyone's stable. Unfortunately, they lost one of the SEAL team members, apparently to hypoxia from the jump. The team leader is asked about any unfriendly encounters; apparently not. POTUS: "Well done, Commander. Thank you." Jed asks NF Squared to get him a number for the family of the dead SEAL team member.

Josh hustles over to Leo's office. He's not there; Josh asks Margaret where he is. She says he's out of the building. Josh: "Where, out of the building?" She tells him he's gone to meet Ken O'Neal.

Leo walks up to Ken next to the cherry blossom trees, across the frozen Tidal Basin from the Jefferson Memorial. Leo says, "I was worried about you." Ken: "Sorry about lunch. I got held up with our General Counsel." Leo says he's spoken to Hunt and knows something about what's going on: "He's just trying to score cheap political points off our friendship, get his face on the cover of the Journal." Leo's cell phone rings, and Ken tells him to take the call. Leo looks at the display, sees that it's "just Josh," and turns the phone off.

Ken and Leo sit down on a bench, and Leo apologizes, saying Hunt wouldn't be trying to make rain out of this if it weren't for him. Ken says it's not his fault. Leo says he told Hunt he'd have to put his name at the top of the subpoena list. Ken: "No." Leo: "All the times you've come in under budget, all the times you've delivered projects on schedule under impossible deadlines...." Ken: "No. You can't testify." Leo insists that he can handle Hunt. Ken insists that Leo can't testify, and that he's going to assert his Fifth Amendment right not to answer any questions. Leo: "Why?" Oh come on, Leo, you're a smart man. Ken confesses they didn't do the AOA, and that he bribed the DoD guy with a job, and "got to" a guy on the Defense Policy Board. Leo's pretty dumsquizzled. Ken: "Stop looking at me like that." Leo: "Why not do the AOA? The Army wants the choppers. What, they were going to buy them from the French?" Ken: "No, we had to have the contract. I'm under a lot of pressure from my board." Then we get to hear a lot of excuses about a disastrous merger and some buck-passing from the Navy. Leo, still trying to grasp the situation: "So this was about money?" Ken gets up and blithers about his responsibility to his employees and his stockholders: "Yes, I pushed a little harder than I should have -- and yes, I'm gonna hang for it. But it's not just me -- who do you think was pushing me? My Congressman and my Senator! This is a jobs bill for them." Way to do right by your employees and stockholders there, buddy. Leo gets up and slowly walks over next to Ken, who adds, "So I paid an advance to a procurement officer I was planning on hiring. Do you think I'm the first?" Do you think that makes it right? These CEO jokers really kill me. Ken asserts that it's a "revolving door between the Pentagon and the private sector." Leo's staring off into the distance, contemplating the fact that he was willing to chuck his whole career for this clown. Leo quietly asks, "How much did you make last year?" Ken: "What?" Leo: "How much, Kenny?" He says it was just over a million. I sneer aloud. Leo: "Naaah...how much with bonuses?" In my head I guessed ten million. Kenny stares at Leo for a bit and finally says, "Eleven million." Leo stares off again. This whole storyline probably seemed like a good idea, but it doesn't really work. It's obvious all along that Ken's guilty. Plus, the extreme blindness of Leo's loyalty at his age, and after all he's been through -- especially with Jed -- just doesn't ring true.

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