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Young Kenny hears the choppers and rouses young Leo, who's probably half-dead at this point: "Leo...Leo, come on. They're here. We're going home." He drags Leo up, arms flopping helplessly against the sky as the sun shines through the palm leaves. Back to Leo in his office: the camera fades out on his sad, introspective expression.

And...that's it for me, folks. As I announced a few days ago on the forums, I've decided to move on from recapping this show -- it's just time for me to focus on other projects and opportunities. (I'll still be recapping Joan of Arcadia, however.) I've said pretty well everything that I personally can or want to say about this show, and now it's someone else's turn. I can't thank you all enough for your many kind words and supportive emails and helpful corrections and interesting trivia and inside information and Aeron chairs over the years. You kept me at this gig even when I was tearing my hair out in frustration over a show that used to be so good. You're an awesome audience and I will truly miss writing for you, even if I don't miss writing about this show. Please welcome my capable and cromulent replacement, Miss Alli. I'm sure you will all enjoy her fierce wit and intelligence and style as much as I do. I am so looking forward to her recaps of this show. Believe me...I'm smiling on the inside. Salaam alaikum, everyone!

Going dark.

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