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Margaret arrives at work and starts turning on lights. She's surprised to find Leo in his office already. He says he came in straight from Dulles. Margaret: "At 2 in the morning?" He needs a clean shirt and wants to know the whereabouts of the one he brought in the other day. Apparently it had a hole in the sleeve and she took it home to mend it. Er...um...okay, when you start doing stuff like that, it is way past time to change jobs. No, don't even try to spin it. That's messed up, dude. Josh arrives, and Leo asks, "You still on good terms with Hunt?" Josh: "I don't think the Senator's going to invite me down to his ranch to lasso a bull anytime soon, but he returns my calls." Leo starts talking about the LC-104 Ramses project (Army choppers) when Margaret tells him he's needed in the Sit Room. Leo tells Josh that Hunt is bottling it up in Committee as he heads downstairs. Josh: "Probably because it's being built in sixteen different states, none of them named Arizona." Leo tells him to find out what's going on with that. Josh tells Leo about the aWendtment to move America back to the Mamie Eisenhower era. Leo seems rather amused: "What is it this time?" Josh tells him. Leo mentions POTUS's trip to Wendt's district. Josh doesn't think the timing is accidental. Leo tells Josh to put together a briefing, and he'll arrange a few minutes with POTUS.

Josh goes to Donna's desk to ask her to see if Senator Hunt has a few minutes for him this morning. He adds, "Is Jimmy Olson with us today?" Donna hollers for Swimtern. Oh, bloody hell. Not again. I thought he'd bought a condo in Mandyville. Swimtern comes over, and Josh asks if he knows who Sam Wendt is. Swimtern: "Uh...Democrat from the Oregon Fifth." Josh: "Republican from the South Carolina Second, but you were close." Josh reminds him about the aWendtment, which Swimtern finds interesting. Josh: "No, not really...he kills child-care proposals and tries to get us to print the Ten Commandments on the back of the two-dollar bill." Swimtern: "Be nice to have them wallet-size." Actually, it seems like that would come in handy around there, since no one can seem to agree on the order. Josh assigns Swimtern to read the different drafts of the aWendtment, and show how many more women would have benefitted from Bartlet's tax credit than from the aWendtment: "Treasury, JTC scoring, and a year-by-year impact on the deficit for a Presidential briefing tomorrow." Swimtern: "I'm going to brief the President?" Josh: "No, I'm going to brief the President and take credit for all your hard work. But you get to come." Swimtern asks, "JCT [sic] is...." Donna: "Joint Tax Committee." I'm surprised Swimtern isn't upset to hear about a tax on joints. Swimtern toddles off, and Donna stations herself at the door to give Josh the death glare. Josh looks up: "What? It's scut work." Donna pouts: "Presidential scut work." Josh wonders if Donna wants to read mind-numbing spreadsheets all day. Donna: "Mind-numbing Presidential spreadsheets?" Josh: "Well, channel your Presidential disappointment into getting me five minutes with Matt Hunt, okay?" Heh. She continues to glare. Josh: "Please?" She reluctantly goes off to do her job. Oh yeah, I'll miss this a lot.

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