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Young injured Leo is still urging his comrade to go without him. Ken refuses and hoists him over his shoulder and carries him off.

Oh, God, this is only half over. How have I done this for so many years? I need some pineapple.

Leo's meeting with Hunt: "The Army sped up the timeline, because in case you haven't noticed, the threat to our guys has increased." Hunt: "Are you questioning my patriotism?" Leo tells him to cut the crap: "I got old service ribbons gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, too." You know, I'll bet Martha Stewart has some really clever ideas about how to display those. Hunt says that there were companies with lower bids. Leo: "Airbus!" He sneers at the idea that Congress would let the Pentagon award a $10 billion defence contract to the French. Hunt maintains that if Mueller-Wright couldn't meet the price, it shouldn't have bid. Leo: "So now you're going to drag Ken O'Neal in front of a network perp-walk over a weapons system we have to have that no one else could build?" Hunt says that if Ken is subpoenaed by Hunt's Committee, "it will be to answer legitimate questions about the manner in which Mueller-Wright secured those contracts." Leo retorts, "You know damn well the charge screams louder than the verdict. If you don't like the price, tell the DoD to renegotiate it." Hunt says it's no longer about price: "It's about process...and patronage." Leo: "You're accusing me of using my influence to get them the contract?" Hunt asks him how many years Leo worked for Mueller-Wright: "Was it ten, twelve?" Leo: "Don't try to embarrass me, and through me, the President, by humiliating an outstanding American patriot." Hunt: "Well, now who's waving the flag, Leo?" Leo stands up and says, "If you're drawing up partisan subpoena lists, Matt -- put my name on top." He leaves.

Thursday morning. C.J.'s being briefed for her appearance on Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (which is actually called The Whole Truth -- but my name's better and you know it) by a producer or assistant or whatever. She tells C.J., "If he points to the Truth Meter...." C.J.: "The Truth Meter? Am I on a game show?" Well, yes. More to the point, wouldn't she know about this from the background piece Media Affairs supposedly did for her? The producer tells her that if Taylor points to it, she should keep looking at him. C.J.: "If he dunks me in a river and I float, does that mean I'm a witch?" Now you're catching on. While C.J.'s microphone is being affixed, Taylor (Jay Mohr, oozing smarm, his one genetic gift) shakes her hand and tells her enthusiastically, "God, it's great you could join us -- I'm a huge fan. Thank you!" He seems genuine. C.J. seems stunned. When the cameras go on, he starts in on her right away about global warming. They go back and forth about that for about twenty seconds, Reid calling the World Bank "the UN for tree huggers." Then, of course, without anyone's having said much of any substance, he moves on to judicial nominees.

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