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Previously on The West Wing: a bunch of stuff I missed because I thought I was on the right channel but I wasn't. I'll presume it was the back story on Ainsley.

We hear Josh shouting for Donna. Donna tells him not to shout. Josh is upset because someone is still saying he owes them fifty thousand dollars and that "failure to pay will result in a negative report on your credit." Donna: "On my credit?" Josh: "On mycredit." He spots Sam and tears off after him, shouting, "I got another letter!" Let me just say here one more time, in case the TPTB didn't hear me before: the blow-dried hair on Rob Lowe Has. To. Go. Please, I beg of you, bring back last year's haircut before you ruin this show completely. (Please see my remarks in the recap for the season opener.) Sam tells him not to worry about it, and that he's called the insurance company. Josh says that there are fifty thousand dollars' worth of hospital bills they won't cover and asks Sam if he knows what that means. "You may have to get yourself a job mowing lawns after school," Sam offers. Josh is not finding a lot of levity in the situation as Sam strides off, telling him again not to worry. Donna rushes up at this point and catches up with Sam. As they race through the hallways, she says she's doing the "radio thing." Sam asks what it's about. Donna is incredulous, pointing out that he's a speechwriter. Sam says he's the Deputy Communications Director and he doesn't do the radio address. Donna states that she thinks this one's about the leaves turning. Sam replies, "Wouldn't be surprised." She wonders whether the President will take it seriously. Sam asks why he wouldn't. Donna points out that Sam doesn't take it seriously. Sam smirks, "I'm not the one who has to read it." Donna says that since it's the end of the week, POTUS gets a little punchy. Sam points out that since it's not live, he can always do another take. It turns out that, last April, POTUS had to do eleven takes to get the radio address right, and Donna had to give the radio address audience (who had been standing in the Oval Office for ninety minutes) White House key chains. Sam could obviously not care less and tells her to "knock'em dead" as she prepares to go in and welcome the guests. She asks Sam to stay and listen to her do her "thing," but Sam mentions that he's seen it. Donna says she's adding a joke. Oh, Lord. Sam, understandably desperate to get away, says he's sure it's great. Donna whines a bit and Sam relents.

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