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Fear of Flying

Air Force One. C.J. is having a discussion with Steve, Mark, and Katie in the press section about whether they left Manila today or yesterday or whatever that is highly reminiscent of dialogue we've heard about time zones on this show before, particularly in "Ellie." People have an astounding amount of trouble with time zones on this show. The only thing they seem to be sure of is that it's night, although Steve is vague on that point. Katie's hair is really getting long and she looks convincingly worn out, given the eighteen-hour flight. I think she should go for a cut and some colour when she gets back to D.C. That should perk her right up. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Caplan, announces that despite the fact that Colonel Weiskopf just told them they were beginning their descent, they've been asked by Andrews to stay in the air a bit. The pilot assumes that there's a problem on the ground, and that they'll be waved in soon.

In the meeting room on Air Force One, POTUS is on the phone while Ed and Larry stand by. POTUS says that someone is telling him that the recertification deadline for Colombia is tonight: "Is that right?" Larry says it is. Jed goes back to talking to Leo, asking if he hasn't already signed those papers. Leo explains that the statute requires POTUS to have an in-person briefing on the current situation, and that they'll have someone ready to do it in the car once Jed lands. Jed says, "Just to check, they're going to tell me that the narcotraficantes are running the Parliament but that we should recertify them as an ally in the drug war." Leo says it's a pro forma thing: "It's better than having them as an enemy in the drug war." Jed: "You mean calling them an enemy."

Charlie comes in with Colonel Weiskopf, who wants to talk to Jed. Colonel Weiskopf asks Ed and Larry to excuse them; Jed asks Leo to hang on. Colonel Weiskopf tells Jed there's no problem on the ground. The problem is that the nose wheel indicator light isn't working, and they have no way of knowing whether the front wheel is locked. They think it's most likely a problem with the light: "An F-16's been scrambled from Durbin Air Base; they'll be here in twenty-two minutes." They'll fly alongside and try to get a look at the wheels. Jed wonders what happens if they don't have their wheels. Colonel Weiskopf says there are a number of options, and assures Jed that he will keep Jed briefed. Colonel Weiskopf leaves and Jed goes back to Leo: "Listen...we've got a problem up here." Credits. Hey, Dulé Hill did get top billing! Woohoo! Go, Dulé! You da man. Okay, I know it's not the same kind of top billing Rob Lowe's agent negotiated for him -- the alphabet is the real hero here -- but you know, I'm sure Dulé Hill isn't dwelling on that.

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