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Dishonourable Discharge

C.J.'s waiting for POTUS as his limo arrives. She wants to tell him about a story he's going to hear this morning. Jed: "Uh huh. Am I a character in this story?" C.J. supposes that's up to him. She pedebriefs him that Navy pilot Lieutenant Commander Vicky Hilton has been arrested by military police and charged with having an affair with a married (and inferior) officer. Jed doesn't see himself being a character in this story. C.J.'s just giving him a heads-up.

Leo walks up and C.J. takes off. Leo asks Jed how it went. Jed thinks it could have gone better. We're not made privy to what "it" is. Jed comments that he didn't think adultery was against military law. Leo explains the military doesn't like fraternization, but that Hilton's crime isn't the affair; it's failure to follow an order. Apparently, she was told to stop and didn't. Leo says she can receive up to a two-year jail sentence. Jed: "For failure to follow an order?" Leo: "Sure." Jed: "We should have that here."

Jed and Leo enter a large meeting room full of people; everyone stands and applauds. Jed makes his way to his seat and welcomes everyone to the final Cabinet meeting of Bartlet One: "I don't know if this is true, but a Presidential historian told me that this was the most stable cabinet since Hoover's. Which is nice, but you gotta think, how many other jobs were really available?" Polite chuckling. "But here are facts: you created over nine million new jobs, and the highest home-ownership rate on record. More than 150 new trade agreements. You created the largest expansion of college aid since the GI Bill. Cleaned up over 500 toxic waste dumps. And you did it all while eliminating 16,000 pages of federal regulations. Not bad for government work. Thank you." He stands up, as does everyone else, and he walks out. Leo nods to Carol, who's standing in the back of the room, and she appears to kind of shoo a camera person and perhaps a reporter out of the room. Everyone sits back down. Leo says, "I'll add my thanks, and I'll need your letters of resignation by 7:00." Credits.

C.J.'s briefing the press. A reporter wants to know if they're concerned about the acceleration of the Shehab missile tests. C.J. says they are, as are all the Bahrain signatories, and that they are expressing their concern through the appropriate channels. Someone asks for a preview of POTUS's APEC address. She says he's been working out some new material that's killing them on college campuses. She jokes that there'll be a one-hour special based on the APEC address called Bartlet: In the Thick of It. She has no previews. She says, "I'll finish with a little housekeeping for those who don't know: in a two-term Presidency, as a matter of courtesy, the President's cabinet resigns without being asked, giving the President the option of hiring them or not, rather than firing them or not. Those resignations will be submitted today." She ends the briefing. One reporter wants to talk to her afterward about the seating assignments in the room. She says she moved the news magazines to the fourth row. He naturally wants to know why. She assures him that it isn't a thing, and explains that there are cameras in the room now that show part of the gallery and not just the podium. Since the newsmagazines aren't there every day, their front row seats are empty and it doesn't look good. Mitch doesn't care for this: "You can't just do this...it's a slap in the face!" C.J. calmly tells him she didn't mean it as one. He insists it is. C.J.: "Mitch, I put you in the very first row I don't care about. Of the things I don't care about, I put you right up front." She takes off.

Toby follows her through the hallway telling her she should amend her comments in a statement to reflect the fact that the resignations are effective whenever they're effective. C.J. says she did. She asks Toby, "He's going to remember he doesn't say a word about labour without running it past the local AFL?" Toby says he is. She adds, "And he's gotta go door-to-door. He hasn't lived there since he was eighteen." Talking about Sam, I guess. Toby says Sam knows. She says, "Speaking of which: high-school snapshots." Hmm? Toby says he knows.

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