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Dishonourable Discharge

Toby and C.J. split off and Toby wanders into Sam's office, where Sam is packing up his things. He's taking his framed Navy Jack flag poster off the wall. Maybe you'll have better luck with that "don't tread on me" sentiment out in California, Sam. Toby complains that Sam's taking his Laker banner: "'Cause there's a shortage of them in southern California?" Toby tells him to leave it, and leave the stapler. Sam: "It's a West Wing office. Someone's going to use it for ninety days." Which means I guess Sam will be back just in time for the end of sweeps and a swan song in maybe early to mid-March? Sounds about right. In the meantime, maybe we'll get phone conversations with him where we don't even see him, we're just told it's him on the other end of the phone. ["Maybe he'll be like Mulder, and we'll just see his back as he runs across a field, really far away from the camera. And other than that, he'll just be out running errands." -- Wing Chun] We'll see less of him than we would of Donna or C.J. if Janel Moloney or Allison Janney had sprung a pregnancy on the producers, I'm sure of that. Hey, wouldn't that be a gas? Then Donna'd have a reason to tote Sparky's cardboard boxes all over the place. Toby says they might need a stapler: "It's ours." Sam puts it back. Sam seems a little touchy -- not that I blame him. Or maybe it's Rob Lowe I don't blame and I'm just getting them mixed up. Who knows anymore? Toby says he's been travelling a lot. Sam says he had to go get nominated and set up his office out there: "And then meet every member of the California Democratic Party." He approaches Toby and says, "Listen, there's no way I'm going to be able to help with this. Which is worse for me than it is for you, but there's never gonna be the time." Toby wasn't counting on it. They discuss using other staffers but Toby pooh-poohs that idea: "There's no one on the speechwriting staff who can do this. It's okay." Sam says it's a pretty big job for Toby to do by himself. Toby emits a "no shit" chuckle. He asks Sam if he's going to remember the local AFL: "You gotta go door-to-door. You were eighteen when you lived there." Sam knows all that and sarcastically asks Toby, "You want a hug?" Sam looks both boyish and tired in this scene. Toby suppresses his HoYay impulses and tells Sam to put the banner back. He leaves, saying, "See you next week." Sam watches him go, and then stuffs the banner into the box anyway.

Josh arrives at work and comments to Donna that there are some new people. She follows him into his office, explaining that Cabinet Affairs provided temps so there'd be extra staff support during the vetting period. Josh says, "Which is good..." Donna: "But?" Josh: "I'm not one to give fashion advice..." Donna says, smiling, "No, you're not." Josh has trouble saying it, but finally chokes out his problem: one of the temporary staffers is wearing a Star Trek pin. He wonders if today is a special Star Trek holiday or something. Donna: "How the hell would I know?" Sing it, sister. Josh wants Donna to find out, and if it's not, well, he feels that the Star Trek-pin-wearing employee is not the most "confidence-inspiring sight" (unlike Josh in his hipwaders); he wants Donna to ask her to cease and desist. Donna is alarmed to hear the employee is a woman. And what if it is a special Star Trek holiday -- The Feast of the Psionic Transmutation of Synthetic Meatloaf into Turkey or whatever -- then does she get to wear the pin? Josh asks for his briefing memo; Donna hands it to him and he starts off for his meeting.

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