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Dishonourable Discharge

Tuesday. C.J.'s briefing the press again. She's gotten her hair cut a little shorter and has heavier bangs again, which I like, but her hair is kind of sticking out in various directions like it was unsuccessfully ironed or something. She tells a reporter that POTUS is fully committed to Kyoto. Mark wants to ask about Vicky Hilton, but before he can even get his question out, C.J. interrupts and directs him to the Pentagon. She calls on Mitch next, who asks about the seat reassignment. She seems caught slightly off-guard and tells him they already talked about that, but expresses willingness to talk more in her office. Mitch: "You made a unilateral decision." Yeah, well I think this is her show, buddy. C.J. thinks so too: "Well, it's my house, Mitch. But as a matter of fact, I consulted with White House Correspondents' Association." Mitch: "I think you changed the seating because you don't like our coverage." Dude, it's Sherri Wexler II: Electric Boogaloo. Have not these foolish mortals learned that they shouldn't mess with C.J.? She replies, completely unflapped, "Or your attitude. But that's not why I changed the seating. Thank you." She walks off the stage. Mitch squirms a bit.

Josh comes back to tell Donna he's going to see Funkmaster Funky Fitz. He notes that the offending staffer has removed her Star Trek pin and thanks Donna. Donna says the staffer is kind of worked up about it. (Said staffer is still smirking to herself about the Captain Janeway tattoo on her back, though.) Josh asks why. Donna doesn't know. Josh sighs and tells Donna to hang on. He walks over and introduces himself to an unhappy-looking redheaded woman with black cat-eye style glasses, working at her computer. She introduces herself as Janice Trumble. He starts to explain that he just wanted her to take off her pin around the White House. She informs him that she's appealing his request to her supervisor, Stacy. Seriously? As a temp in the White House you'd really want to make this big a mountain out of this particular molehill? The temps in this place are really something, I have to say. Every one of them talks to senior staff like she's the Commander-in-Chief. Josh points out that he's Stacy's supervisor. Janice: "Okay, well, you got the cards. But Star Trek and the entire Starfleet series is about honour and loyalty and civic duty and the fact that you don't think that those are characteristics that should be displayed inside the White House is sad. But I wouldn't expect you to understand those kinds of things. Anything else?" She says all this without ever looking at Josh. Josh says no and walks away. ["Not that it's really the appropriate venue to discuss such things, but I do agree with Janice that Trek is about all that stuff. She might want to save it for Beat the Geeks, though." -- Wing Chun]

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