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Dishonourable Discharge

Leo walks with POTUS along the portico. Jed asks, "You're going to talk to Berryhill?" Leo says he will. Jed: "He wants to feel loved. You'll make him feel loved. I want him in the Cabinet." Jed's smoking. Leo assures him, "He's gonna feel all kinds of love." Jed: "Hey!" Leo says that Josh talked to him yesterday about Vicky Hilton. Jed wonders whether Leo thinks they should get involved. Leo doesn't: "But you're going to have problems with the women." Jed looks surprised as he puts out his cigarette, asking, "Abby and the girls?" Leo: "No." Jed: "Women." Leo: "Yes." Jed: "'Cause I gotta tell you, I've been hearing it from Abby and the girls." What a shame these brilliant political minds are surrounded by these nagging shrews. I don't know what's most annoying: the conflation of "women" and "feminists," or the constant references to the monolithic problem of "women," or the personalizing of this problem so that it's about how it affects the men, or the fact that we keep hearing about how Jordan, Andi, Abby and Jed's daughters are all quite upset about this but the only person from whom we hear the slightest peep is Amy, and even then, she doesn't make any case at all. It's as if mentioning that they have a problem is a sufficient representation of their views. Leo's sure Jed's been hearing all about it. He thinks it's gotta stay out of the Oval Office. Jed asks him what he thinks about Vicky Hilton. Leo: "She disobeyed an order. You can't do that." They sit down in the Oval Office and Jed asks, "Isn't there some question as to whether it's practical to give that order in the first place?" Leo wonders whether Jed wants pilots overruling their superiors on matters of practicality. Jed doesn't; he's just saying there are a few sides to this. Leo agrees, and says Jed's just heard his. Jed: "But we'll hear no others, because we don't want it in the Oval Office." Leo: "Right." Jed: "Okay. Anything else?" Leo thanks him and goes into his office. Jed puts on his specs and reads a document, glancing after Leo before he does.

Briefing Room. Mitch is in there alone, reading a paper. C.J. comes in (her hair looks better now) and says, "Well, you win, I lose. I don't want this to be a story. I want the President to be able to function. I'm moving the newsmagazines back up front and I apologize." Mitch: "I appreciate that." Dude, you didn't really think it'd be that easy, did you? C.J. continues, "When you're not here, there'll be a sign on your chair with your name and the name of your publication. I've given C-SPAN permission for a second camera position that's on your seat so the broadcast director can go there at his or her discretion." Heh heh heh. Mitch asks if she's kidding. She sure isn't: "If you're not here, you better get a seat-filler, and they better be prepared, because they're going to be called on for the honour of the first question." She's right up in his face right now. And she has to look up slightly. She hardly ever has to look up at anyone. C.J.: "This should be about other people, don't you think?" Mitch replies, "As a matter of fact, I do." C.J. says she knows. She wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving and starts to walk out. He returns the wish. She stops and says, "By the way, Danny Concannon won a Pulitzer Prize from the fourth row." Mitch replies, "Danny's more talented than I am." Ha! C.J. doesn't argue: "See you, Mitch."

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