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Oliver and Leo are still waiting for Jed to return. Oliver remarks, "He's acting a little pissy, wouldn't you say?" Leo replies, "You're a little pissy too, there, my friend." Oliver says, "Yeah, well, I'm pissed." Oliver wonders if Leo wasn't pissed when he found out. Leo admits he was: "But then I remembered..." Oliver: "What?" Leo: "That I'm a drunk, and he didn't give a damn." Oliver asks, "You guys going to go public?" Leo doesn't know. He wonders what Oliver thinks. Oliver says that it's up to the policy advisors. Leo states, "Well, I think you're about to be one of them." Oliver says he doesn't know whether he's staying yet. Leo says that he is. Oliver: "Why?" Leo: "Because I'm running this show, and I picked you. I didn't bring you here for amicus briefs." Leo asks whether in the two and a half hours they've been sitting there, Oliver's discovered one thing that POTUS has done wrong. Oliver hasn't, so Leo wonders what his problem is. Oliver says that's just it: "Are you out of your mind? He did everything right. He did everything you do if your intent is to perpetrate a fraud!" Someone knocks; Oliver tells them, irritation, to come in. Jim pops in with Margaret's message. Leo tells Oliver he'll be right back.

Charlie waits next to Margaret's desk with a grave expression on his face. When Leo arrives, he wordlessly follows him into his office. Leo asks, "What is it?" Charlie doesn't look at him and doesn't say anything. Leo assures him, "Charlie, you can talk to me. What is it?" Charlie still doesn't say anything. Leo's getting a little more impatient, and finally Charlie begins, without looking directly at Leo, "When Zoey and Ellie went to college...when they went to college they would have had to fill out a health form." Leo still doesn't get it. Charlie continues, "On the form they ask for a number of things, including a complete family medical history." Now Leo gets it: "God..." Charlie finally glances at Leo. "Charlie...how did you know he was sick? How did you know that the President was sick?" Charlie doesn't explain, and says instead, "Leo, if you're under eighteen when you start as a freshman...if you're under eighteen you need a parent's signature." Leo looks pretty pale. He says, "Okay...okay..." Charlie starts to apologize, but Leo assures him that he absolutely did the right thing. He says, "Okay...okay...go back to work." Charlie leaves. Leo calls Margaret in and tells her he needs to see all of Zoey Bartlet's admissions paperwork for Georgetown. Margaret doesn't think they'll release that to them. ["Speaking as a registrar's daughter, that's damn right." -- Wing Chun] He instructs her to call Pat Carr, the family lawyer: "And you tell him I want it." Margaret asks whether she may tell him why, and Leo tells her just to get it right now. Margaret's such a nosybody. More commercials.

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