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As they reach Babish's office, Jed complains a little more that the guy's been here three months and has a nicer office than Jed does. Leo says it's nicer than his own office, too. Jed cares a little less about that. Oliver comes out, greets Jed, and invites them in. Jed asks what the bags are for; Oliver explains that he was just heading out on vacation. So now it's not a "forced vacation," just a vacation. Although a law summit doesn't sound like any kind of vacation to me. Jed's all, "Oh dear, well, this can keep," but Leo prods him. Jed asks Oliver where he's going; he replies, "Sarawak." Jed: "Asia's best-kept secret." Oliver tries to get Jed to get to the point. Jed tries to downplay it, and Leo prods him again. Jed quietly tells Leo, over his shoulder, "I'm easing in." He says, "Well, Oliver, it really boils down to this: I'm going to tell you a story and then I need you to tell me whether or not I've engaged sixteen people in a massive criminal conspiracy to defraud the public in order to win a Presidential election." Oliver takes this in without much reaction; after a moment, he turns and looks at the always-recording Dictaphone on his desk, picks up the gavel, and calmly smashes the hell out of it. (And as set-up as that was, it was still funny.) Jed seems mildly taken aback. Oliver turns back to the President and says, "Okay." And we're into the credits, with another classic Sorkinesque opening in the can.

Josh is on the phone in his office, saying that he's on his way to a meeting, and that someone's going to call whomever he's talking to every half hour. Donna appears at the door, aghast at the news: "Mexico collapsed?" Josh is casual: "Yeah, can you believe it?" Donna: "Mexico collapsed over the weekend?" Josh says that it was actually just this morning. Donna wonders how a country collapses on a Monday morning. Josh explains, "By not slowly devaluing the peso the way I told them to." Well, actually it was the Treasury Secretary who said that, but Josh was in the room. Josh tells Donna how serious it is, citing several financial indicators of disaster. Donna asks Josh to put it in U.S. terms; he says it would be like a two-thousand-point drop in the Dow. Just then, Toby comes marching in, pissed about something. Waving a newspaper, he asks Josh, "You saw this?" Josh says he saw it two hours ago, and asks Toby where he's been. Toby hustles past Josh and Donna saying he just got there. Josh says they could be screwed on vouchers. Toby hollers, "We are screwed on vouchers!" Toby wants to know who did whatever it is he's upset about, and Josh tells him to talk to C.J. As he disappears, Toby threatens that "somebody's going to eat this quote!" Josh tells Donna he can't worry about Toby right now, and goes back to the immediate problem, which is that Mexico has thirty billion dollars of foreign loans due this week and they don't have thirty billion dollars. Donna asks what happens now, and Josh starts singing, "Oh, the Wells Fargo wagon is a-coming down the street..." as he enters the Roosevelt Room, which is full of people already. He greets them cheerfully, "Buenos dias, señores y señoras. Let's find some money."

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