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C.J.'s doing a press briefing; she's being peppered with questions regarding the quotation that is upsetting Toby. Apparently a "senior White House official" claimed that the President might be willing to compromise on school vouchers, but C.J. insists to the reporters that the President hasn't turned around on the issue. She moves right along to pass on an announcement from the Coast Guard Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Division. Three hours earlier, a tanker carrying four million gallons of crude oil ran up on a shoal three miles south of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Those who have been paying attention all season will suspect this ship of being one of those in a deal Sam brokered when he was a corporate law drone. All the reporters start clamouring at once, but C.J. says she doesn't have much information. She tells them what she knows, which is that the hull is punctured, it's leaking oil, and has lost 200,000 gallons so far. We switch to Sam in his office, mostly ignoring C.J. on a monitor as he goes about his work. When she mentions that the ship belongs to Kensington oil, and that its name is Indio, suddenly she has Sam's full attention. He doesn't look happy. C.J. continues, explaining that containment booms have been deployed, as Sam calls out to Bonnie to ask what she knows about the oil tanker. She's just hearing about it now. As Ginger breezes through, Sam asks her what she knows; she says it hit Delaware. Sam says, "I'm amazed it found Delaware."

Back at the press conference, C.J. tells the reporters that there's a press conference scheduled for 2:00 that afternoon regarding the tanker, and that they hope to have a lot more information by then. The reporters want more, but C.J.'s done and exits the room, only to be confronted by Toby, who barks, "What the hell, C.J.?" She calmly says, "Anything good in the paper this morning?" Toby asks who the "senior White House official" is; honestly, if she knew, wouldn't she already have told him? Toby's a little irrational, and acting out; obviously, he's still reeling from the implications of what he recently learned from Jed. "You're telling me you can't control...a reporter can just pick up the phone and call anyone?" C.J. points out that they don't live in Tripoli. Toby rants that the Republican leaders, like Shallick and Ann Stark, think they can get the votes on a compromise measure, and that the only thing they were scared of was a veto. "They're going to build it now! They're going to do it! And our phones, all day long, are going to be ringing with Democrats who want us dead. Seth Gillette's going...let me tell you something! This time he's going to be right!" C.J. is still calm, although Toby's shouting. She says she'll talk to Leo and Josh, and the President, and get a clarification: "Beyond that, what do you want me to do?" Toby explodes, "I want you to find out who the 'senior White House official' was and put his ass in my office by the end of the day!" He takes off. ["Someone get Toby some Midol, stat. Lord, what a bitch." -- Wing Chun] Sam walks up, saying, "It wasn't me." C.J. says, "I imagine if it was anyone within the sound of Toby's voice they'd be looking for a trapdoor right now." Sam asks whether she can tell him anything about the tanker; C.J. says Carol's going to give him some notes. Sam asks if she knows whether it had anything to do with the navigation or steering. C.J. says it's being investigated, but she assumes, when a ship runs into the shore, it has something to do with the navigation or steering. As Sam leaves, she asks whether he knows who it was. He doesn't.

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