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Oliver asks whether Jed has life insurance. He doesn't. Oliver is surprised to hear that a man with a wife and three kids doesn't have life insurance. Jed says he has accidental-death insurance, as well as "considerable personal worth." He adds, "Were I to die, my family would not miss my government salary." Government workers everywhere mentally high-five Jed. Oliver asks about health insurance. Jed says he doesn't have any, explaining, "I'm the husband of a doctor, and as a Governor and President, the various governments I've led generously..." Oliver interrupts, cutting to the chase: "Have you ever signed any document for health insurance or life insurance, or any document which falls under the pains and penalty of perjury, in which you were asked about your health and you did not disclose that you have MS?" Jed says he hasn't. Someone knocks; Jim comes in with a message for Leo, which Leo reads and hands to Jed, saying he should probably make the call. Jed excuses himself. Leo asks Oliver what he thinks. Oliver pauses and says, "I am nowhere close to being able to answer that question." Time for commercials. And snacks. Must eat something. I don't know what it is about writing recaps that makes me hungry; it doesn't happen when I work on other writing. ["Maybe it's the commercials themselves. Are you suggestible to Harvey's commercials?" -- Wing Chun]

C.J. begins her investigation with Jamie Hotchkiss. He's pissed about the quotation too; he seems to be the head of the team that's been working on the school voucher policy initiative for nine months. He complains that you can't get leverage "with a rubber crowbar," and that their opponents are going to jump on this. C.J. proceeds to ask him whether he's spoken to Terry Cashin of The Baltimore Sun in the past four days. He's quite offended that she's asking him whether he's the leak, and reminds her that he's been working on the policy for nine months. She tells him he's been doing a very good job of it, too. He makes it very clear that he's not the leak, that he doesn't know who is, and that, if he did, he wouldn't tell her. That pretty much ends their meeting. I'm a little unclear: if the President hasn't actually reversed his position, how is this a leak? Isn't it more of an unfounded rumour, or even an outright lie? And if he truly has reversed his position, what's the point of its being secret? Whatever. C.J. sits down and calls Carol in, asking how many more interviews she has. Carol chirps, "Eleven hundred and thirty-eight." C.J. looks weary and claims, "Okay, after five of them, I'm just going to confess." Carol asks if she's ready for the next one; C.J. says, "Sure."

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