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Cut to John's interview segment; he's playing for Professional Children's School, the high school he attended. (Don't you find it hard to imagine John Spencer as anything other than middle-aged? I do.) He talks about how competitive he is, and how, as a New York stage actor, he and other actors would play poker on Mondays, their day off. He describes himself as an erratic player. There are some shots of John smiling and grinning, which his fans should enjoy. His eyes look very green on my screen; I've been labouring under the notion that they're blue. I should just ask mjforty. John admits to bluffing, but claims he never cheats.

Next game: Richard's first. He chews his gum vigorously while he decides what to do; he calls. Martin calls, Allison folds. Timothy raises and John folds. Richard and Martin call. Flop. Tim keeps betting; Richard folds. Tim checks, and Martin laughs. Martin is just so adorable. Just as Phil says that the only way Tim can win is to catch a five, that's the card the dealer turns over. The pot is $5200. Timothy bets all in; the pot is $12,600. Allison: "Come on, Martin!" Martin goes all in, too; pot's $19,700. Everyone comments on how nervous Timothy looks, and Martin shows his hand, but Tim's is better, and Martin wins a free trip to the Losers' Lounge. Martin hugs everybody and laughs in his incredibly good-natured way while leaving. He's the antithesis of a sore loser.

Pollak welcomes Martin to the Lounge, reminds him that the San Carlos Foundation still gets $5000, and congratulates him on the gutsy move of participating, since apparently Martin's never played Texas Hold'Em. Pollak rehashes the game until Martin pretends to cry, but he can't even do that for laughing. Pollak says they call it the Losers' Lounge but he renames it the Lounge for Nonwinners. He advises Martin to watch the game on the Nonwinners' TV set and make fun of his colleagues. Martin: "I will."

After the commercials, we're back at Pollak's desk, and he says, "Still pretty early in this administration's term -- that's called a 'play on words.'" God, thanks for the bulletin -- I had no idea. That's called "sarcasm." If this is a sample of this guy's comedic ability, things are in an even worse state than I assumed. Chip count: Timothy has 20,700; John, 10,900; Richard, 9,800; and Allison has 8,600. Pollak: "That's the order of succession; let's get back to the game." Wait, dude, was that a play on words? Don't leave me hanging here!

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