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The One-Eyed Man Is King

Jed and C.J. are pedeconferencing. She tells him she's heard that Writchie called the Chancellor's office, angling for an invitation to the KSU memorial. He wants to speak. Jed: "Oh, for the love of Mike." C.J. explains, "The Chancellor was with us in Iowa, and the Writchie people are quietly saying that allowing you to be National Healer-in-Chief..." Jed: "Look, win or lose on the 5th, I'm the President right now, right?" C.J.'s almost sure he is. Jed: "Six -- look, six of the girls were exactly Zoey's age. Tell the Chancellor's office that if it'll make his life easier, I'll sit in row 19 and you'll keep out the press. This has to be about the students and the families, and Writchie and I are simply going to have to summon the humanity to keep this from being a political event." C.J. and Jed are in the Oval Office now, and Master Killa J's homeys Mos Def Con and Admiral Sissy-Mary have just come in. Fitz greets POTUS and "Claudia Jean." C.J.: "Sailor." Hee. Leo, not finding it as funny as the rest of us, glares at her: "In the Oval Office, you..." She gets it and takes off.

Jed asks Leo how he did with Jordan. Leo: "She's a little wary, but I think she might be willing to go out with me again." Jed: "Yeah?" Leo: "But you meant the other problem." Lee indicates that she's a little wary. He says she's gone home to think. Jed wants to know what they've got in the way of stalling tactics. Leo: "A misinformation campaign." POTUS: "We oughta be good at that." Fitz : "Sir, State feels the Shareef was never comfortable with the Sultan's friendly relationship with the West." Jed: "State thinks he has a friendly relationship with the West?" Fitz replies: "The one-eyed man is king in a world of...whatever. We leak that Shareef used his U.S. trip as an opportunity to fly to Libya." Jed: "Shareef is now alive and well and living in Libya?" Fitz continues: "And planning to overthrow his brother, and install a fundamentalist regime." Jed's prepared to buy this: "Come back and tell me how we do it." They all get up. Jed walks to his desk and says, "Blind men. 'The one-eyed man is king in a world of blind men.'" Fitz thanks him and leaves. Charlie, exactly on cue, brings in Special Agent Casper.

Jed asks Casper what he knows. Casper: "We're ready to say the manuscript was credible. We ran a search using some more of the unique rhetoric or catchphrases and we found a match. A lot of it was lifted straight off the website of a separatist group called the Liberationist Cause, which is a splinter of the Patriot Brotherhood." Jed: "The internet has been a phenomenal tool for hate groups." What a clunky line, however true. ["I know my time on the internet has made me hate people a lot more." -- Wing Chun] Casper says they're working on some good leads. As he starts to leave, Jed asks, "Don't pipe bombs usually kill just two or three people?" Casper explains that so many people were killed because the bombs were set off indoors and there was a huge fire. Casper leaves. Jed walks around his desk to where Leo is standing and says, "Ten of those things under the bleachers at a baseball game?" Leo says they've got good leads. Jed says, "Okay." Leo goes back to his office. Jed calls Charlie in and says, "In ascending order of age, would you get my daughters on the phone, please?" Who talks like that? I guess I can puzzle over that during the break.

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