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The One-Eyed Man Is King

Jed's calling on his way from the limo into the building where he'll make his speech. He asks Leo if "she's there." Leo says she is. Fortunately, Jed doesn't ask what she's wearing. Leo asks what Jed knows. Jed says that Casper (you remember Casper, the Unfriendly FBI Agent, of such swell episodes as "Somebody's Going To Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail" and "Bartlet for America") is with him and is going to talk to him; Jed will send him to Leo next. Leo wonders what Jed's about to say; Jed doesn't know. He still has two minutes. They hang up. Jed reads from a letter Casper's handed him as they walk along: "'The bullying nature of the intrusive and invasive government of the United States has to be rendered quickly and decisively a wake-up call. And this opportunity...' What do you think of this letter?" Casper: "He's not Tom Paine." No matter how weak some of the writing and speeches by the "good guys" can sometimes be on this show, the bad guys' writing is always worse. Jed agrees about the Tom Paine thing. Casper says, "It's rhetoric common to separatists. They're telling us that English is his first language but that he's not very well-educated." I don't know. I encounter plenty of supposedly highly educated people who write that badly every day. Jed asks if it's credible. Casper says yes. Jed: "You guys think it was sent by the bomber?" Casper: "Or his group." They're not sure if there's a group. Jed says the end of the letter promises more. Casper acknowledges that the letter indicates "more" (violence, one presumes) in the next forty-eight hours which, according to Casper, is what they always say. Jed stops and asks, "Unless what? That's where I'm confused." Casper: "They didn't make any demands, sir. This letter isn't a threat. It's an announcement." The camera is swirling around the two of them and I'm getting dizzy. Casper takes off.

Jed walks over to the table where Bruno and Sam and other staffers are doing some last-minute strategizing. He asks what they have. Bruno says, "'We will catch the perpetrators, we will track them down, we will punish them...' along those lines." Yeah, that's some great oratory, there. Jed looks at a paper -- the speech, I presume. Bruno ventures that it's too early for Rocky. Jed thinks so, and comments, "Plus, once you catch a perpetrator, you don't need to track him down." Sam says, "I told you, he likes the rhythm." They start walking, and Bruno says it was Sam's line. Sam says it's a dummy phrase -- a placeholder. Jed decides he's just going to talk a little bit. As he hustles up a flight of stairs with SS guys and staffers all around him, we can hear him being announced in the background. Sam says, "'Joy cometh in the morning,' sir." Jed thanks him.

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