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Shout-out to Sandman.

Josh's office. A talking head on the TV conveys a story called "Hoynes: Goodbye to Politics." Josh has the unenviable task of trying to find a new Vice-President. He's got a board (on an easel) covered with pictures, and he's going through piles of thick files. He unrolls a big seating chart of the Senate and crosses off a name. Charlie comes in to tell Josh that POTUS wonders if they still have the VPOTUS vetting files from five years ago. Charlie notes some of the people Josh has eliminated and questions him about one named Ryan Lindell. Josh says they like Lindell, but that he's "too much of a moonshot" for the Speaker, and that they have to pick someone who can get confirmed. Apparently, this guy has an Asian garden in the back of his house where he meditates. Jeez, what a freak.

The Plot Device Truck suddenly sideswipes Charlie: the mention of an "Asian garden" jogs his memory about a mystifying note that fell out of his wallet yesterday: "5/7, 10 PM, Paeonia Japonica/Bamboo." Charlie explains that he wrote the note three and half years ago, when he and Zoey started dating. They were at the Arboretum and they buried a $14 bottle of champagne. And as good as a $14 bottle of champagne was then, you just know that, forty-two months later, it's going to be fabulous. Zoey and Charlie said they'd dig it up and drink right after she graduated. They were able to calculate then and there what day that would be? Maybe Charlie's some kind of savant. (Well, it's not like it could be Zoey. Get real.) ["With ESP like that, Charlie should be a university registrar." -- Wing Chun] Josh wonders, "How do you get away with digging up the National Arboretum?" Charlie: "Oh, well you gotta to do it at night." Josh tells him today is "5/7," and that Charlie's gotta do it -- he's gotta dig up the bottle and give it to Zoey. Charlie -- who's probably had enough advice from lovelorn losers such as Josh and Toby -- insists otherwise. He's done. He seems, finally, to have understood that Zoey clearly said "no," and that's that. Josh keeps pushing. Charlie: "She's going to France tomorrow with Tartuffe. I'm gonna eat the fourteen bucks." Hee! "Tartuffe." Think about the full name of that play. I'm just saying. Josh says he should just give it to Zoey as a friend, as a graduation gift, at one of the parties tonight. That way, Zoey won't think he's mad at her. Charlie: "I am mad at her." Josh thinks Charlie should make nice since Zoey's going away. He finally mutters that he doesn't know what he's talking about and changes the subject. As he rips something out of a newspaper, he asks Charlie, "Just between you and me -- and I'm not looking for this particular promotion, but -- just between you and me, what would you think about this choice?" He sticks the picture on the board, but the camera's behind the easel so we can't see who it is. Though if you've been paying attention, you know it's Leo. Charlie doesn't respond to the question, but asks for the vetting file, takes it, and leaves. Josh stares at the picture, which we finally see is a shot of Jed waving and Leo following behind him. You know, I wondered if this was where this might be going. But why would Leo want to be VPOTUS when he has so much more power and influence as Chief of Staff? And, um, Josh as Chief of Staff? He'll be good at it someday, but I don't think he's there yet. Leo's got something like fifteen or twenty years of experience over Josh, and you need it in that role. What next? Amy as Director of the NSA? Credits.

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