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The 101st Senator

Props to thel222.

Good news, folks: you can actually see this episode. Maybe GE gave the producers a corporate discount on some lighting. Other good news: some funny lines, and the episode is actually about politics and the staff. Also, Laura Innes directed. Maybe they can get her for every episode. It's not like they're making full use of her considerable talents on ER, though God knows I enjoy hearing her call Romano her "bitch."

It's late, and Toby and Will are arguing over the three-month message calendar Toby's been working on. Will think there should be some attention given to the President's economic accomplishments; Toby seems to think that's best avoided since they're losing jobs, and business gets credit for creating jobs anyway, not government: "You don't want people saying, 'Hey, thanks for the nine million jobs; I've got three of them, and I can't make my house payments.'" Will asks why there are no events on Fridays; Toby brings up the familiar cant about how no one watches the Friday news and no one reads the Saturday paper. I don't know about anyone else, but I read the paper every day, Saturday included. I only have the time to read it properly on the weekend. Will thinks he knows some assignment editors who'd resent Toby's comments, but Toby's insistent. Will says that Toby doesn't need his help, and wearily says that he's going to go home. He plops down on Toby's sofa. Toby studies the big calendar and says, "This is how we get past crisis-of-the-hour: seize the agenda again." Will: "As it is, I'm going to have nightmares about colour-coded six-day weeks with no accomplishments." Toby says he needs to learn this. Will: "I need to see my bed! In fact, I'm thinking about carrying a picture of it in my wallet." Heh. He gets paged. Toby gripes that they've barely had a message since the campaign, never mind since the abduction. Well, considering that the message during the campaign was "Bartlet smart, Writchie...not so much," I'd say the problem goes back to sometime before the campaign. Toby tells Will that this is his life for the next three months, as he pulls on his jacket to leave. Will asks if the extension he got paged with, 7431, is in the OEOB. Why mention that? It seems unnecessary. We're going to find out within moments who paged him, and it doesn't add anything to the plot here. If it tipped Toby off, then I could see it. But Toby seems oblivious. He says he'll drop Will in Dupont Circle. As they walk out, Toby says that politics isn't about past performance: "It's about, 'What have you done for me lately, and where's my year's supply of Turtle Wax?'" "Turtle Wax"? Will gets paged again, and says he had better return the call, as he goes back into the bullpen. Toby says, "It's someone looking for one of your nine million jobs!" Actually, it's someone calling about Job # 9,000,001. Will says he'll see Toby tomorrow.

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