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When Josh gets to Amy's office, she tells him a lame joke about a guy who doesn't call his mother enough. Josh asks if Amy's telling him to call his mother. She says she's telling him a joke. Anyway, Josh asks her what FLOTUS is doing and why she needs lists of Congressional committees. Amy replies, "Hi, I'm Amy Gardner. I work for Abigail Bartlet. Have we met?" Josh lectures her about Abby's making an end run around the process: "You're not supposed to do that." Amy: "I'm not supposed to, what -- run her office?" Josh warns Amy that Leo's onto whatever she's doing with HHS appropriations, and says he practically lied about it. "Practically"? Josh says that, next time, he's not going to. Amy: "Am I going to come back from the Mess and find a horse's head on my desk?" Josh: "Don't tempt me." Amy says, "You got a problem, go ahead and call..." Josh: "Oh, like I'm going to get in between the Bartlets. Your job is to run it through the process." Amy says, "You're afraid we're going to get called into the principal's office." Josh: "I am the principal's office." Amy: "Call your mother."

Press briefing. A reporter asks whether POTUS is concerned that the poor employment rate will affect his political standing. C.J. says that POTUS is hopeful Congress will pass his new version of the stimulus package. Another reporter asks whether the President wishes his press were as good as Josh Lyman's. C.J.: "We've set up a whole wing in the White House to handle his paparazzi. I'm just hoping for a decent table at the Palm." Someone asks about the censored EPA report and wonders if the White House feels that's appropriate. C.J. parrots the line Leo gave her, to the effect that the report reflects the administration's views. Toby watches from the back. The reporter persists, saying, "Not the EPA's views. Their report cited stunted trees, poisoned fish, and wildlife as just some of the problems with coal. Hasn't this President always..." C.J. interjects the line approved by the Ministry of Leo. Another reporter asks why the White House tampered with an independent report. C.J. claims she's addressed that. Yet another reporter says she hasn't: "Why is all independent analysis subject to White House censorship?" Toby shifts uncomfortably. C.J.: "I don't accept your premise." Another reporter: "Doesn't the EPA..." C.J.: "I'm sure you all look forward to reading the actual report." The reporter who originally started this line of questioning says she's read both drafts: "The censored one and the original. Are you defending..." C.J. weakens: "If there was interference with an independent report, that was obviously a mistake." Toby swallows nervously. Cut to Leo, watching the briefing on TV and calling for Margaret. On the monitor, C.J. continues, "But I assure you, the final report will reflect administration policy. Sally?" C.J. looks down as she's asked about Fitz's pending retirement, knowing Leo's going to tear her a new one.

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