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After the commercials, C.J. appears in Leo's office. He's sitting in the chair in front of his window, like an angry potentate on his throne. He says, "If there's something you want to say, say it now. Don't take it into the room." C.J. says the reporters had both drafts, and that there was nothing she could do. Leo cuts her off: "I gave you the line. Who said you could drop it?" C.J. points out that coal is the dirtiest energy on the planet: "That's worth censoring out of a report?" Leo says that what wasn't in that report was any mention of clean coal. C.J.: "Clean coal's an industry myth!" Leo says they turn it into gas and steam. C.J.'s nobody's fool: "Clean coal's like saying...'healthy botulism,' 'child-safe plutonium...'" Heh. Leo asks C.J. to tell him the alternative: "Short of getting people to stop using electricity." C.J.: "I don't know! Neither does the EPA, but they're trying to tell the truth and we gagged them and who gave us the right? Are we surprised our polls are down? We have a responsibility to the country. We can't just spin any line we make up!" Leo: "You have a responsibility to me. When I give you the line, that's the line." C.J.: "Not when no one will believe it!" Leo directs C.J. to put out a statement in her own name, stating what she should have said in the briefing: that the White House stands behind that report. C.J.'s incredulous: "You don't want me to do that." He does indeed. C.J.: "That's saying I wasn't speaking for this White House." Leo: "You weren't." He stands up and buttons his jacket. As he walks past her, he says, "On my desk within the hour." Don't be too surprised to find a letter of resignation instead, yo.

POTUS is in the Oval Office with Ed'n' Larry. Jed: "Violence prevention jumped another 30 million within the hour?" Larry says it's a bidding war. He asks if they know why it's happening. Ed'n'Larry look at each other in that "I don't want to tell him -- you tell him" kind of way. Ed -- who looks different for some reason I can't quite put my finger on; maybe his haircut? -- says it's a direct request from the First Lady to the members of the HHS Appropriations Subcommittee. Larry explains that since Zoey's abduction, FLOTUS is "hugely popular," even with Republicans. Ed says that FLOTUS's office requested it, so they're falling all over each other to fund it. Leo, listening in the background, wonders what it means for the CDC budget. He's informed that almost everything is being cut to make room: "Bioterror, infectious diseases..." Jed looks pretty stunned. Leo asks Jed if he'd like to call Abby. Jed would not. Ed'n'Larry offer to work with the Subcommittee, but Jed doesn't want that, either. He tells them not do anything.

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