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And here comes Toby to make things worse. Leo puts out his cigarette as Toby asks, "You were looking for me?" Leo asks, "What did you want to talk about with the President?" Toby wonders, "Did I forget the secret password?" Leo says nothing. Toby sits down next to him on the bench and says, "We talked about my giving up Communications, leaving it to Will and focusing on big-picture..." Leo says it's not the time. Toby would like to know when it will be the time. Leo just kind of looks away. Toby gets up again, and says, "Message of the day, top of the news hour...our second term and we're acting like a losing campaign." Leo: "You're not going in there to lecture him." Toby: "Stop protecting him." Leo: "It's my job to protect him. It's your job to get us back on message." Toby insists that Will can do it: "I'll supervise him." Leo says he already does. Toby shrugs, asking, "What does that matter?" Leo snaps, "It matters 'cause I need you doing what you're doing now." He stands up and walks over to Toby: "I'm holding this together with Scotch tape and baling wire." Toby: "We have an economic policy held together with Scotch tape and baling wire. FDR built the middle class in a hundred days. How many days do we even have left?" Leo: "Forty-nine percent. We can't start another New Deal." Toby: "How about fighting for the old one, instead of haggling with Republicans over how much to cut?" Failing that, I'm sure there some Arab country that hasn't been invaded recently. That's always good for a surge in the polls.

Toby talks about how the nine million jobs Bartlet created are starting to disappear: "They build TVs in Mexico for a dollar a day on dirt floors with cardboard walls...." Leo: "And that's our fault?" Toby: "It's on our watch, Leo. Where's our hundred days? Where's our Great Society? Where's our New Frontier?" Oh, it's always in the last place you look. Toby insists: "Somebody's got to do what we came here to do!" If this were a regular workplace, this is the point at which someone from HR would hatch the bright idea that everybody needs to be sent away to a big two-or three-day communication workshop so they can do a lot of touchy-feely exercises, and get in touch with their vision again, and "architect" a new mission statement. Thank God this isn't a regular workplace. Toby continues pounding his points home: "Those jobs aren't coming back. We lose or cave every battle we have with Congress. And we have a calendar, not a plan." Leo tells Toby: "Will's going to work for the Vice-President." Aw. I kinda wish we'd gotten to see Will tell Leo and Jed. But actually, I'm glad he's going to do that. I think it will make things more interesting. Toby looks like he didn't really believe it until now, and he starts to walk away, saying, "I'm asking the President not to let him." Leo says that POTUS told Russell he could have Will: "It's done." Toby goes back into the building. Hope Will's wearing a parka. Margaret comes out with a note as Toby leaves and heads for Leo. He asks, "You got a problem with your job?" Without missing a beat, Margaret says, "I could use one of those ergonomic chairs...." Ha! You should have heard the hooting in our living room. Perhaps you did. I am definitely taking that as a shout-out. Sure, maybe it was just Margaret being Margaret, but I'm counting it anyway. As he reads the note, Leo mumbles, "Never mind."

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