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Josh runs into Donna in a hallway and asks, "Hey, anything from Amy?" Donna says she left messages everywhere for Amy to come see him. Josh looks very weary. Donna says, "This isn't about the dead fish?" Josh says it's not, exactly. Donna asks what happened. Josh explains that they both think Amy's been fired, and he unloaded on her: "She'll be...ah, I don't know what she'll be." Donna: "Find her. Forget about budget bills and poll samples and missile launchers -- go find her." Ever the romantic. Josh asks, "What else have I got?" She tells him that Carrick's in the Roosevelt Room. Josh: "Chris Carrick's here? Now?" Donna nods slightly. A vague expression of irritation crosses Josh's face, but he doesn't say anything. He just heads for the Roosevelt Room.

On his way, Josh sees Amy walking through a hall, but she doesn't see him. He pauses for a moment outside the Roosevelt Room, considering his options. Carrick sees Josh, and says his name, so Josh goes into the Roosevelt Room. As he enters, Amy sees him through one of the French doors, and stops to look at him for a second; she looks sad and disappointed. He looks pained. Carrick remarks, "Well, that was quite a press coup, telling the Idaho papers about my anonymous hold." Josh asks what he can do for him. Carrick: "You know what? Absolutely nothing. I've released the military promotions. I can't defend that to the people of Idaho." Josh: "Well, I hope that lesson won't be lost when our new stimulus package hits the floor." Carrick says it won't be. Josh: "Good." He turns to leave, but Carrick says he needs one last favour from him, and hands him a letter: "I'd like you to present that to the President." Josh asks what it is; Carrick explains that it's his letter of resignation from the Democratic Party. He says, "I'm running as a Republican in my next election." Josh: "You're switching parties because we won't give you a launcher that doesn't even...." Carrick interrupts: "The launcher is a deterrent. The launcher says we're serious about perfecting missile defense, so rogue governments don't build missile programs." Josh sneers, "You can't be serious..." Carrick insists, "Building it is more important than whether it works. We don't want it to ever have to work." That is just dumb-ass. God, if money is going to be spent on defense, at least spend it something that does work, or could work, not on something you already know doesn't. Josh says they can't win back the Senate without Idaho: "We can't pass the tax bill, the new stimulus package...." Yeah, Carrick really cares about any of that. Carrick's on his way out when Josh -- desperate to salvage what he can -- starts bargaining: "I'll get you a meeting with Fitzwallace. A meeting with the President." Carrick stops at the door and says, "I don't work for the President. I don't work for you. I work for the people of Idaho." Josh: "You're leaving the party be-- this is 'cause of me?" Carrick: "I'm not leaving 'cause of you. But you made it a whole lot easier." He and his flunky exit, leaving Josh dumsquizzled.

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