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Anyway, Amy asks about the HHS appropriations: "How far under the budget cap was our original submission?" Josh wonders why Amy doesn't get that from Legislative Affairs. Amy: "'Cause I'm getting it from you." And yes, I do believe we're supposed to take that both ways. Josh tells her to run FLOTUS's last-minute budget requests through the process. Amy says that FLOTUS has nothing. Josh says that's because their budget's locked, and Abby's a sensitive topic around there: "Or not around here, as the case may be." Josh has one side of his tie tied over his collar. Interestingly, Amy doesn't mention it, and makes no move to fix Josh's tie, as you just know Donna would. Is that because she doesn't see it as her role to do things like that? Does she see it as servile? Is that because it's too sweet or intimate a gesture for the way they relate to each other? Is it because she just wants to see how long it takes him to fix it while deriving a modicum of personal amusement from it? Is it because she doesn't care? I don't actually know what I think about that, myself, and y'all can argue it out in the forums. I'm just stirring the pot. All I know is, Donna's hands would have been all over that tie. I don't think Amy would have let him walk away like that, though; I think she would have said something at the last minute. Boy, could I waste some more time thinking about this? Anyway, Josh figures out the tie problem for himself. Amy says, "It's nothing, Josh." Josh: "Nothing's nothing." As he walks away, Amy flings the tie he left at her place over his shoulder, saying she'll get it from Legislative Affairs. He grabs the tie, but she doesn't let go, and you can hear him offscreen saying, "Don't...come on..." Amy lets go and walks away. Josh comes back into the doorway to watch her go.

Josh arrives in Leo's office for the senior staff meeting. They all compliment him on the newspaper piece. C.J. brightly says, "Hats off to the Jewish Connecticut Corleone." Toby -- wearing a suit in a more interesting colour combination than I would have imagined he'd consider -- says, "I'm still trying to make the cover of Jane's Defense Weekly." Toby's shirt is a soft mossy green, although it some lights it looks mocha, and the suit looks almost burgundy, but it might be brown or plum (the colour on my main TV is wonky), and it seems to have a subtle plaid pattern going on. The tie is a burgundy with cream polka dots. No, I'm not kidding. I actually don't think it looks half bad, though I don't think the tie quite works. I want a Queer Eye crossover show. I want to see the Fab Five fix up the Fab Four (meaning Josh, Leo, Toby, and Will; C.J. doesn't need any help. Well, I'm still getting used to the Klute 'do).

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