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C.J. walks out of her office, followed by Toby, and runs into Leo, who asks what she's getting from "the gaggle." Will's there, too. C.J. mentions the drop in consumer confidence. Will advises her to pivot to the stimulus package: "Our new version will be introduced next week. Drop it back in Congress's lap." Toby pretend-asks why POTUS is dragging his feet on naming Funkmaster Funky Fitz's replacement. C.J.'s reply: "The President is making his decision. Admiral Fitzwallace is still on the job. One chairman at a time." Leo asks, "What else?" Will says that Reuters is reporting that the White House scrubbed two paragraphs from an EPA report on energy needs -- paragraphs containing language that was critical of the coal industry. C.J.: "What mid-level lackey tampers with an independent report?" Leo: "You're looking at him." Whoopsie. C.J.: "I didn't mean to...are we defending coal?" Will says that Reuters has the original draft. C.J. quickly says they have to do a total mea culpa and make it a one-day story. Leo: "We're not 'culpa'-ing anything. 'The report will reflect administration views.'" C.J. says that won't fly if Reuters has the draft. Leo insists, "'The report will reflect administration views.' That's the line. What else?" No one says anything. Leo: "Great." He leaves.

As Toby and Will leave, Will asks if Toby's concerned about the EPA thing. Toby's worried about anything that takes them off their new message. Will asks what their new message is. Man, the hallway is unbelievably egg yolk-y yellow in this scene. But hey, at least I can see the actors. Toby hands Will a file, and Will notes changes since last night. Toby says that POTUS signed off on it. Will thought he'd have another chance to weigh in. Toby assures him that he's going to have a big role in this. Will: "Hand-colouring copies of the calendar?" Heh. ["Don't knock colouring, Will! Colouring maps was the only thing I liked about taking Geography." -- Wing Chun] Toby says he needs Will to sit down with the Labour Secretary, the Commerce Secretary, and VPOTUS to walk them through their assigned economic speeches. Will interjects that that's a bad idea. Toby: "We've been over this: if the President stumping for the new stimulus package on Tuesday, you look at the calendar, then the Labour Secretary also talks..." Will means VPOTUS: "We can't pretend he's another Cabinet flunky." Toby: "You're right. Cabinet flunkies have responsibilities." Will says, "He's a Constitutional officer. We should get his input up front." Yeah, Toby's real interested in Bob's input. Will: "What if he doesn't like it?" Toby asks if Will wants Toby to come to the meeting with VPOTUS, too. Will does not. Toby: "Give him his assignment. I don't care if he likes it! You work for the President. So does he. Toby walks to his desk. Will stands there thinking, "That's what you think, you...you...big jerk!"

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