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Abby and her ninety-two yards of dress swish into Leo's office. Leo uses one of those poles the Tokyo subway guards use to cram people into the subway cars to jam Abby and her dress in there so he can join her. He looks grim. Abby says she'd like to wait until they know something for sure before they start planning. Leo says the first day's important: "What I'd like to do, for instance, is schedule a public event, show we're not scared." He also says she'll make a comment, but that they have to pay attention to her body language, too. Actually, I think John, Lord Lecher's got that covered, but whatever. Abby understands that; she asks, "What about the campaign?" Leo says, "I'm not going to tell a man's wife she can't campaign." Abby doesn't know what that means. Leo elaborates, "I think we can get a lot of use out of you in targeted Democratic areas. Big cities, evening fundraisers. We'll keep you out of the South." Where there's probably little sympathy for that whole stand-by-your-man thing. Huh? Are all their spin doctors asleep at the wheel or what? Abby wants to talk about this tomorrow. Leo wants to talk tonight; he says it's important. Abby says, "A lot of things are important." She gets up and leaves; as she reaches the door, Leo says, "I'm sorry. Enjoy the party." She turns and gives him a bright smile: "Thank you." She swishes off. With the dress gone, Leo can risk exhaling. He stands there, his right hand fidgeting.

Out on the portico, Jed's trying out material on Charlie. "I've known my wife, Abby, for nearly 150 years." Jed decides Abby won't think that's funny and that he won't say that. Charlie gets behind that. Jed tries another gambit, one involving the history of the word "toast." Charlie gently suggests, "I'd stick to Mrs. Bartlet and not get into etymology so much." Jed says he was talking to Charlie. Jed says the Stuarts would put a piece of toast in a wine cup to improve the flavour. Charlie: "Interesting." Not very. As C.J. approaches, Jed blathers that in 1643, the members of the Middle Temple toasted Princess Elizabeth by pledging to die in her service. No doubt Marbury'd pledge as much to her successor if it was an excuse to swill back some more booze. Charlie: "Hey, that could be the button." C.J. arrives, Charlie is dismissed, and C.J. delivers the rumoured news about Nolan. Jed: "No, dammit." He explains that they were pretty sure that the board was evenly divided and that Nolan was the swing vote, "which was what dictated a lot of her...dammit!" Leo approaches. Jed says that Abby worked with Nolan for twenty years and that Jed was the Governor who appointed him to the board. Leo says, "Excuse me, sir." Jed tells C.J. she should tell Abby, and C.J. leaves. Jed tells Leo about Nolan, which of course he already knows. Leo asks, "What's going to happen?" Jed says they'll suspend Abby's license for a year. Leo indicates that he and Abby just talked for a bit. Jed: "And?" Leo: "I don't think you need to be concerned about her leaving you for me." Jed: "I was pretty concerned about that." Leo: "She's definitely leaving you for somebody, so don't be so..." Jed: "Can you leave me alone? I'm trying to be a husband and your mojo's getting all over me." Yeah, thanks for loading me up with that image. Also: "Mojo"? Leo says that Marbury's sitting with Toby. Jed asks if that's about Brendan McGann, adding that he doesn't know what to say about that. Leo says he'll see Jed inside. Jed says yeah. He stands there cogitating in profile.

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