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Millgate: "Sam, screw the Froot Loops™." Sam calls Enlow back and apologizes for his tactics and his behaviour. Enlow accepts. Sam says the subcommittee should be hearing learned testimony on this. Enlow replies, "I'm a Democrat, Sam. How's a twenty-billion-dollar astronomy lecture going to help the President get elected?" Sam says it won't: "'We've discovered a seamless intellectual framework for the universe' isn't a good thirty-second spot." Enlow says, "If we could only say what benefit this thing has...no one's been able to do that." Millgate mutters, "That's because great achievement has no road map. The x-ray's pretty good. So's penicillin. And neither were discovered with a practical objective in mind. I mean, when the electron was discovered in 1897, it was useless. And now we have an entire world run by electronics. Haydn and Mozart never studied the classics -- they couldn't. They invented them." Sam says, "Discovery." Millgate: "What?" Sam carefully explains to Enlow that what this thing is good for is discovery. No kidding. The problem is no one really cares about that. Enlow says that even if the thing passed the Senate, it's dead in the House. Sam replies, "Just as long as democracy's not dead in the Senate." Enlow says he'll withdraw his anonymous hold. Sam: "'Cause you're scared of my threat?" Sam desperately wants to be able to threaten somebody, anybody, convincingly. Enlow says yes. Sam bounces up and down with glee. Millgate smirks to himself. Enlow tells him, "You think I was a hurdle? Good luck with the Appropriations Committee." He leaves; Sam calls out "Thank you" as Enslow goes. Millgate says that wasn't so hard. Sam says he has to get to the party, although no one seems to be missing him. Millgate says he's got to get a train. Sam says they can get him a room. Millgate doesn't want one. Sam wonders if there isn't someplace that can help him...Sloan-Kettering, or something. Millgate says no. Sam lets it go. Millgate thanks him. Sam asks, "Now you think I'd make a good physicist?" Millgate says, "No. But you're not bad for government help."

Back at the party, C.J., Abby, and Amy are standing beside a table. C.J. has her hand lightly to her head. Guess she's had enough of the giggle juice. They're not talking, just staring ahead listening to the music. Donna comes up behind Abby and apologizes again for what she said earlier. Abby tells her not to worry about it: "You were good. I've got a surprise for you coming up." Just then Josh comes up, and starts to talk to Donna. Then he stops, excuses himself for a moment, turns, and talks to Amy. She looks over her shoulder petulantly, saying, "Yes?" Josh says, quietly, "I understand, and I forgive you." Amy: "You forgive me?" Josh: "Yes." Amy: "What the hell kind of thing..." Abby sharply says, "Honey!" Amy, apparently Abby's lapdog now, insincerely says, "Thank you for forgiving me, Josh. I appreciate that." She adds "Jackass" under her breath. Abby chuckles merrily.

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