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Josh then turns around to look for Donna again, to tell her, "You're an American again. INS has a grandfather clause. If you pass a three-part literacy test, an American History exam, and fill out a one-page form, you're back." Donna says, "My adopted country." Abby says, "Oh, Josh, I kind of wish you'd mentioned this before." Josh asks why. The band stands up and strikes up "O Canada." Two huge Canadian flags are hoisted aloft as Donna says, "Wow!" Abby says, "You were very good in there, Donna." Jed zips over wondering, fairly loudly, what the hell is going on. Abby turns around and shushes him. Jed complains, "I was gone forty-five minutes! They were all Americans when I left." Donna says, "I know exactly how you feel, Mr. President."

Jed extends his hand to Abby and leads her away. He tells her he called Nolan. "I know I shouldn't have, but I'm sorry, the rules are different when it comes to my family and there isn't a man in America who doesn't understand that. ["Just ask Kiefer." -- Deborah] ["Even Kiefer knows, and he's Canadian." -- Wing Chun] I also think partiality isn't a vice in this case. He knows you, and that's a good thing. He's going to consider not recusing himself." Abby drops her bombshell: "I'm going to voluntarily forfeit my license for the duration of our stay in the White House." What? What? Certainly she should accept the decision of the board, as long as it's reasonable; but why should she sacrifice her career for five more years when that's five times as long as she probably would have lost her license otherwise? Sure, she's stepping up and accepting a penalty, as did Jed, and that's great. It's the right thing to do, and a tasty way to do it. Why she's going out of her way to expand it, to fall on her sword more than necessary, I have no idea. Jed certainly didn't accept any more penalty than necessary.

Everyone starts singing the lyrics to "O Canada" as Jed takes this in. It's a good few lines before he says, "Okay," the real cost of his decisions and his selfish actions and yes, his deceit, finally sinking into him. All of this is only barely in the script, but Stockard Channing and Martin Sheen are skilled enough to sell it. He says he's going to do a toast in a minute and tell the ditch story. "But I wanted to say that I love you very much." Yeah, that'll fix it. Abby has quite a mixture of emotions on her face as she finally says, "I love you too, Jethro." Jed: "Don't call me that." She has tears in her eyes as she says, "I think I will." And then we hear Marbury bellow "Abigail!" again. Abby delivers her line perfectly: "Lord! John!" He walks up and says, "May I grasp your breasts?" Jesus. Also: Is it customary to walk around talking and indeed, bellowing, never mind making sexual advances on the First Lady, during the playing of a country's national anthem? Or is it only the American anthem that gets shown respect? It's not like the band is playing "I'm Too Sexy." Whatever. Jed points out, "I'm standing right here." You know, the landlord of those great tracts of land. Abby says John can kiss her cheek. No, let's not even go there. Leo comes up and says, "Abby?" She walks over closer to Leo, with Lord Lush and Jethro tagging along, and Leo kisses her on the cheek and wishes her a happy birthday. They're still singing "O Canada." A bunch of other people raise their glasses and wish her a happy birthday, too. Yeah, many happy returns of the day there, Mrs. B.

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