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Sam and C.J. part, and Sam goes into Leo's office, where Margaret is getting Leo to sign things. Leo asks, "Why is Dalton Millgate coming here?" Sam wonders how Leo knew. Leo asks, "How do you think?" Sam says, "Because you know everything?" Leo: "Yes." Sam explains that Millgate taught Sam for a semester at school; Millgate and his people are having trouble securing funding for a superconductor, and Sam is planning to put him in touch with Jack Enlow. Leo inquires, "You're going to get into a fight with Jack Enlow?" Sam: "Why does everybody think...never mind. I'm just doing him a favour." Leo says okay. Sam asks how Leo's feeling about FLOTUS. Leo: "I was feeling good. And now I'm not." He explains about Nolan's rumoured recusal. Sam thinks that Jed's going to want to call Nolan; Leo says Jed might. Sam insists Jed can't call; it could "send them into a whole new thing." Leo asks, "You ever mix politics and the President's family and get a good result?" Sam: "No." Leo: "Neither have I, and I've been at this a lot longer." Sam says okay. He adds, "Seriously, he can't pick up the phone." Leo asks, "Isn't it called a supercollider?" He points out Sam called it a superconductor. Sam's all, "Whatever." As Sam leaves, Leo advises him to "keep blood off [his] shirt." Sam insists he's not an instigator.

Josh (in a tuxedo, of course) walks down the hallway toward Donna and calls out her name. She's wearing a sleeveless long gown in a soft shade of red, sort of a dark raspberry mousse colour. I really like the colour, but it's a bit too much dress for her. Was there a three-yards-for- the-price-of-one fabric sale in Hollywood this week or something? Donna's hair is styled as usual, but I wish they'd put it up; I bet that would look good on her. Donna's walking around distributing documents; Josh asks what she's doing here. She asks, "Are you having a good time?" He says the party's started. Donna: "Is the champagne flowing as smoothly as the badinage? Are there elegant men 'n beautiful gowns?" Josh says the men are in tuxes. Donna indicates she said "and," not "in." Josh still wants to know why she's not at the party, distracting him from the monstrously annoying and immature yet utterly deserved partner he has in Amy. Donna explains that there was a problem when the Secret Service did its routine background check on the party guests. I'm sorry -- they re-check the White House staff 's background for each and every party? Well, if those were my tax dollars, I think I'd have something to say about that. Turns out there was a problem with Donna. Josh points out the blindingly obvious: that she works in the White House. Donna doesn't know what the problem is. Josh urges her to come to the party with him. He puts his hand lightly on her waist to urge her along. It doesn't stay there long, though, because Donna's bustling around. She doesn't think she should go: "They'll shoot me." A bit given to drama, our Miss Moss. She says she was told they'd get back to her. Josh asks, "Do you want me to get into it?" Donna says, "That'd be very nice." As he leaves, he says, "You look good." She thanks him.

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