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Chuck vamooses. Amy asks, "'About the thing?' You guys pulling a heist?" Josh smirks and says no. Amy wheedles, "Come on, let me in on the action. I can be a dame." You so can't. "I won't blow the whistle, get you cheesed." "Get you cheesed"? As they start to walk, Josh says, "No, Mugsy, Chuck Kane heads Intergovernmental Affairs at Treasury and he wants a job on the campaign as Deputy Political Director." Amy asks if he's going to get it; Josh doesn't think so. Amy wants to know who else is being considered. Josh says, "Mark Rothman and Robbie Gill." Amy says, "Hmm. I was just thinking 'Mark' and 'Robbie' are funny names for women." ["Robbie could be a woman. Well, okay, only on Dawson's Creek, with Joey and Devon and Andie and...uh...that girl Jim." -- Wing Chun] Josh says they're men, as he grabs Amy to get her to dance with him, probably hoping that will avert the argument he can suddenly see coming. Amy says she knows. Josh says, "They happen to be men." Yeah, funny thing, that...how so many of the people in power just happen to be men. Weird. It's like an X-File. Amy tells Josh they're not hiring enough women in senior positions for the campaign. They dance, but it's the dance of the doomed: the relentless power-dating lobbyist and desperately immature, relationship-addled high-profile politico. Josh asks Amy how she knows. She says it's her job to know. Josh says they're in a dangerous area. Amy says, "If women were the only voters, Democrats would win in a landslide every time. If men were the only voters, the GOP would be the left-wing party." Well, I'm not sure it breaks down to quite that extreme a degree. "Women are going to be 60% of your vote. Don't you think they should make up, I don't know, 40% of the campaign staff?" Why set your sights so low? Josh: "Let me tell you why this is a dangerous area: because I can't make decisions based on the fact that I like your smooth skin." Oh, ick. Amy's silent for a moment and has a look on her face that is probably supposed to be reflective but comes across more as petulant and says, "You're right." Josh: "You're trying to trick me." Amy: "No, you're really right. This should be off-limits for us." And if you believe she thinks that, I have some Enron stock you'll be quite interested in. Amy apologizes and snuggles up. Josh: "You're trying to trick me." He stops dancing. She says she isn't. Josh: "I'm gonna be scared for the rest of the night." You're not the only one. Interestingly, Amy picks this moment to say, "Hey, what happened to Donna?" She sure knows how to play him. Josh is all, "Donna. Yes." He buzzes off immediately.

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