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Jed's at one podium in a large, woodsy meeting room. Titles inform us that they're at the Saybrook Institute for Public Policy in Faith, North Carolina. It's 1 PM. Sam's at the other podium. ("Hi, I'm Sam, and I'll be your boneheaded right-wing opponent for this afternoon. Try the crow, it's delicious.") The backdrop behind them is a big red, white, and blue flag-and-eagle-graphic extravaganza. Many staffers are in attendance, along with luminaries such as pollster Joey Lucas and Congresswoman Andy Wyatt. Bartlet says that affirmative action and quotas are about two different things: "Affirmative action is about providing people an opportunity they might not otherwise get." Sam says he doesn't know how Bartlet can talk about providing opportunity while at the same time supporting racial profiling. Jed: "What the hell is...I don't support racial profiling." Glad to hear it. You'll all be shocked, no doubt, to learn of my position on this. I'll wait while you all run to fetch the smelling salts. Sam: "Your nominee for Attorney General did. Can you tell us why you nominated him?" Jed: "'Why'? 'Cause bite me, that's why." The many assembled staffers don't care for that. They all start murmuring and "whoa"-ing. Jed: "It's been four years, Sam. How long do you want to say, 'I told you so'?" Josh says that's not what Sam was doing, and that they need an answer on Rooker. Jed wants to know what's wrong with "bite me." Josh thinks they'd lose. Toby: "Not in New Jersey." Heh. C.J. supplies, "It's never been shown that racial profiling works, and I'm against it." Josh thinks that answer's too simple. C.J. says they can make it more complicated.

Andy starts to say something, then remembers herself and asks POTUS if he minds. Josh: "No." Jed: "I think she was talking to me, there, Dexter. What?" Andy says that a lot of law-enforcement types believe profiling helps them do their job better: "Not everyone's against it." Jed reiterates his opposition. From the back, Joey says that the voters are against it, too. She doesn't get to finish what she's saying because Bartlet pipes up: "How you doing there, Joey? Kippy?" Josh: "Kenny." Poor Kenny. I think he and Katie the Reporter should have a torrid love affair; maybe if they team up they can muscle a storyline of their own and...ah, whatever. Joey says that she thinks Andy's saying that if they can spin it so this answer is about the drug war, then they can talk about successes. Jed asks Andy if that's what she was saying. Andy says it is, though I don't think she means it. C.J. says that Writchie will bring it back to Rooker and the fact that Jed doesn't know what his own position is on racial profiling. Jed insists that he knows his position.

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