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Previously, I bought a new place to live, and Potes wrote two kick-ass recaps. Also, the folks at the cable company were unable to get off their fat asses to hook me up. Which means that I'm watching this on rabbit ears, so if I screw up some dialogue or miss a visual joke, blame Comcast. To sum up my feelings about Comcast right now, I must call upon the immortal words of Nellie McKay: "Die motherfuckers, die!" (Which, as we all know, is German for "this joke is tired.")

Open on a slightly out-of-focus shot of a glass sitting on a bar. The glass is sitting in front of Toby. I couldn't quite tell, but it looks to me like there was a cherry in the glass -- maybe a Manhattan? I just don't think Toby is the kind of guy who drinks beverages with cherries in them. I would think he was more of a scotch man. Anyway, Toby pulls a pair of glasses out of the inside pocket of his suit and looks at them. He mutters something, and through the static it sounds like "11:30." Are these magical time-telling glasses? All of a sudden, we hear another voice asking, "What can I get you?" This question is not addressed to Toby. Instead, we hear a woman telling the bartender, "A glass of red. Whatever's open." The camera slides over a bit, and I can see that Toby has a cut on his cheek. After a few seconds of silence, the still-unseen woman tells Toby, "We have to stop meeting like this." Toby: "I'd offer to make an honest woman out of you, but you'd tire of me, and all I'd be left with is my knitting." She's surprised to hear that he knits, and he admits that he really doesn't. She laughs, and then she's finally shown on camera. It's Mel Harris, a.k.a. Hope from thirtysomething, a.k.a. Oma Desala from Stargate: SG-1, a.k.a. Carly from the late-'90s sitcom Something So Right. Since we won't learn her name until the very end of the episode, I'm just going to call her by one of those three. I'm sure you're smart enough to keep up. She looks at him and asks what happened to his face. And...flashback!

Josh walks into a busy campaign office. Someone is singing: "Alison, I know this world is killing you..." You know, that doesn't really sound like a happy song. Ned crosses in front of Josh, and the camera pans across with him to show us that Santos is the one doing the singing. He sounds like a tenor, if you know what I mean. Ned hands Santos a printout of an article from the Boston Globe, and tells him to read the fourth paragraph. Santos starts to read something about Russell, and Ned corrects himself and directs him to the third paragraph. Santos, reading: "Congressman Matthew Santos emerged from the pack with a healthy nineteen percent of the New Hampshire primary vote." This put him into third place. Santos, Ronna, and Ned all chat about the great press coverage they're getting, but Josh does not look thrilled. By the way, this is clearly not their original New Hampshire campaign headquarters. Not a boat in sight. Santos reminds Josh that eleven major newspapers have given them good coverage: "Open your arms, you gotta feel the love." I'm sure Santos knows how to make Josh feel the love. And I don't think it involves open arms so much as open... You know what? Sometimes, even I think I've gone too far. Josh unconvincingly tells Santos that he's feeling it. The love, I mean. Ned thinks that Josh is just upset because some guy from Slate wrote about someone named Rafferty. Josh points out that another columnist also wrote about Rafferty, and he thinks that the two of them are important opinion-makers. Santos thinks that Allison from Newsweek is also pretty important, and that she wrote something very nice about him. And then he breaks into her song again.

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