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A television screen shows a reporter talking about Vinick's association with the plant. Bob and Bruno watch silently. In another room in another state, so do Josh and Donna.

Aboard Air Force One, through a doorway at the end of a hall, we see C.J. having a conversation with herself. Whoops, no, eventually Bartlet enters the scene. She tells him that he might have questions after they deplane about this story of Vinick helping open San Andreo. Bartlet asks if it's safe to take everyone outside. She tells him that the remaining radiation "is within the acceptable dosage." As she helps him into his coat, he tells her, "You're too young to remember duck and cover." Really? Because I'm 28 and I remember it, but I maybe that's also from growing up in earthquake country. It was the same drill -- they sound the alarm and the kids hide under the desks. He tells C.J. that eventually they stopped the drills, even though it wasn't as if the threat was gone. "I guess they realized a piece of plywood wasn't going to protect us against an atomic blast." When he reaches the end of the hallway, Kate is there to give him a Kazakhstan report. The new government has killed 114 protestors. China is entering the country, and Russia is right behind them. Bartlet hangs his head. "We can't have China and Russia blowing each other to bits over election fraud." C.J. replies, "Well, oil. Fraud's just the kicker." Will enters to tell them the Governor is waiting, so the three pick up and begin walking again. Kate has floated the idea of an international police force with NATO, who have said that they're fine with that but it would have to be a majority American. Isn't that always the way. Ninety thousand troops to start, minimum.

Santos, Helen, and Josh are watching Bartlet's press conference. Vinick is positioned behind him. Bartlet walks to a podium to make his own statement. After the normal relief and condolences to the family of the engineer who died, he's asked if he thinks Vinick should question his energy plans. "I can't speak for anyone else. It makes me question a lot of our energy plans."

8:24 PM. Bob removes a number of red states from their map as Bruno watches, while a damning news report about Vinick plays behind them.

Meanwhile, Team Santos is looking at their own map, and Josh tells him they're taking the next day off too, since there's already "wall-to-wall" press coverage in their favor. Helen observes, "Best day of campaigning and we didn't do a thing." Donna adds, "Maybe we should take the rest of the month off, too." Josh doesn't reply, only goes to the whiteboard and scrawls "too close to call" above the map. And can we take one second to ask, where the heck has Lou been?

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