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Will. Yelling. The usual. 11:47 PM, and he is playing the game, trying to announce that the level was higher than is "safe" without saying the White House just endangered lives. "So you're saying that the radiation release was at a dangerously unsafe level." "No, I'm saying that it was slightly above EPA standards for an acceptable dosage." They then try to trap him into saying they believe it's safe. He walks the line like an expert. Everyone wants more information, but Will continues telling them he'll be the only spokesperson and will get them everything they need. He's asked to verify something that Bleiden reported about a possible wind shift. After confirming Bleiden's name, Will closes shop and heads out. Ah, Bleiden, everyone figured you'd come back into play.

Josh approaches Bram, who's watching a TV showing Vinick's argument for nuclear power from the debate. The media is apparently starting to show this a lot. Bram's asking about anything they might do, including just one statement, but Josh assures him that they and no one they control will be saying anything. "The Congressman doesn't want to politicize a tragedy." Bram continues, knowing it could be good for them since Vinick is pro-nuclear, but Josh isn't having any of it. Donna, however, comes and delivers some papers to possibly change his mind.

Santos hangs up the phone in his room when Helen walks in. "How is the Governor?" "Nervous," he answers. "I don't see why…" she replies. "Any angry constituents will just be vaporized anyway, right?" She pours tea from a hideously ugly pot that looks like a relic from the 1980s geometric pizzazz collection. "Or am I the only one left in the family with a sense of humor." Josh delivers the paperwork; unsurprisingly, it's about Vinick's lobbying for the very same plant years before. However, he doesn't know when the press will get the info. "Don't we want to nudge them along?" Helen snots. For someone who isn't sure if she even wants her husband to win the election, she's got a fresh lot of attitude. Josh points out that they could, but that would give Vinick the opportunity to fire back at them for politicizing a tragic event. He's sure that they'll find it and that it will have more impact if it isn't leaked by Santos, but Helen keeps sniping at him and adding how unsafe these plants are. Everyone stops to watch the news coverage of traffic jams, and Santos tells Josh to "hide these under your mattress," handing the papers back, and he gives Helen a look as she glares at him.

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