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Will comes back and has found Bleiden, and asks about him telling Time that they were worried about the wind shifting. Bleiden merely tells Will that he got that from Will's office. Will calmly tells him that this is why he's being taken off of the distribution list for information, and also, "You're being transferred. You no longer speak for this government." Bleiden, stupid, smug being that he is, argues, "For telling the truth?!" Will stops walking and whips around, and really does lay the smack down this time. "For telling people something which can only cause further panic. It doesn't matter if it's true, it doesn't matter if I've already said it. We're trying to prevent mass hysteria in a climate in which even the truth can be misinterpreted, so we speak with one voice. You're lucky you still have a job."

Donna is walking down a hall past the questions of reporters. Inside one of the rooms, a frustrated Josh takes a basketball to a whiteboard set up on a tripod with next week's travel schedule on it. Donna enters as it crashes to the ground, making some sweet love to a palm as it goes. She observes, "Guess you heard the President's taking Vinick to California." "Yeah." "It's his home state -- there's a protocol with these things, right?" "Well, let's hope everyone uses the correct FORK." There's some special emphasis on that last word. Donna argues that it could hurt him, but Josh is just focused on how it will look like he's helping; he can't believe the press hasn't found the information about him helping open the plant. Bram comes in with messages, all for Josh, all wondering why they aren't working to slam Vinick. "Prevailing winds," Josh spits. Hee, see what he did there? Clever, Josh, clever. Bram adds to the urgency of needing Vinick to not look chummy with the President, and Josh just grabs his things and leaves.

More news coverage; this time it's Santos and Santos watching the report about the engineers going in. Helen comments, "Like putting them in a microwave set on high." Josh tells Matt that every media outlet in the world is requesting an interview with him. Santos asks him how many, and Josh replies, "A million kajillion." Santos goes, "Okay, that's not a real number." Although apparently it should be to describe how many requests they've gotten. Santos asks Josh if he's waffling on his decision to stay silent, and points out, "One day with the President isn't going to erase three decades of pushing plutonium." Helen agrees with Josh, but Santos is sticking to his guns. It appears Bruno knows Josh, but underestimates Santos himself at keeping Josh quiet. And underestimates the passive-aggressive persuasion tactics by Helen. Bram comes in and delivers requests directly from some network presidents to do their morning shows, but although Santos seems interested, he doesn't seem swayed. He looks at Josh. "You were right four hours ago; you're still right now. Tell them thanks but no thanks." I think Josh might start to display symptoms of actual Tourette's if this keeps up, but he bites his lip and leaves.

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