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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I
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Previously: some guys were running for President, and the race was close, or something. It might have something to do with some sort of nuclear accident. Oh, and did you hear that Josh and Donna kissed?

Lou's at a bar, asking for their best scotch. When the bartender sets down one glass, she clarifies that she'll need seven -- and the bottle. It's 11 PM CST, seven hours until the polls open. There's changing time zones all over this hour, and I'll tell you now that I'll just stick to the local times they tell me, since I cannot seem to figure out universally what time it is. I do think they're going in order. Ronna, Lester, Edie, Otto, Josh, and Donna are all there with Lou. Everyone looks genuinely relaxed, hanging out and having beers and joking about what city they might be in. Josh announces, "We have to accept that this is all coming to and end tomorrow." Edie adds dramatically, "And a single tear slips slowly down your cheek." Or, Lou offers, they can get hammered. "Everybody needs to relax," she orders as she pours good scotch. "Except you," she says to Josh. "Bartender needs your credit card."

As Josh gets up, Lou asks what everyone's post-campaign plans are. Edie wants more of a meal than just Cheetos and a Diet Sprite. (I don't know, that sounds pretty good right now, actually.) Ronna wants a pedicure. Otto chimes in that he wants a job as a White House speechwriter, and everyone immediately hollers at him that he's jinxing things. I'd make a rude crack, except that I'm the one who wore the same t-shirt during all six game of the NCAA tournament, including the one fateful game where I started out in something else, UCLA went down by almost 20, and at halftime I changed, horrified at myself, and the team had one of the most amazing comebacks in tournament history. Yes, yes, they did finally lose the last game. Details...but I digress. Donna wants more than two hours of sleep, and everyone goes back to the inside-joke stories about the time Lester tried to catch a bat in a hotel hallway in Portland. Josh comes back, aghast at the $175 price tag on the bottle, and lets Lou know she should get a pitcher of beer next time. "'Next time'?" she asks.

Josh gets back to actual business, saying that Santos needs some information: he asks who's going to stay sober long enough to get it from Bram later. Everyone cartoonishly looks elsewhere, and Josh volunteers Edie. Lester then takes his leave for a night without "midnight rallies, airplane seats, and tracking polls." He downs his drink and leaves, to everyone's disappointment. Josh calls a 6 AM meeting, and after a pause Edie totally not-nonchalantly says she's going, too. She walks up to Lester, who's doing a cute little slow walk/dance and clearly waiting for her. Why isn't anyone doing a walk/dance at an elevator for me? Sigh.... Oh, okay, back to the recap. Josh asks, "Really?" Donna looks coyly over her glass and concurs, "Apparently." Lou snorts and drinks, and Otto asks if she should "be drinking like that." "Like what? You're twenty-three with a shocking lack of facial hair. Do you really want to tell a grown woman how to drink?" Otto looks down and actually seems completely chastised. Also? Otto, you know better than to make a comment like that to Lou, don't you? However, it's his gain as Lou announces bedtime and stands up, grabs the bottle, and walks off. Josh adds, "It's okay; you can take the bottle if you want." Otto downs his glass and follows Lou right out the door. Josh just asks, "How did I miss that?" Ronna, getting to leave herself, tells him, "You might have had an easier year of it if you'd come on board." She greets a woman at the bar with quite a kiss. Josh is once again the last to know: "Wow, Cindy? Did you that?" Donna asks, "About Ronna and Cindy?" "Any of them," Josh replies. Donna just replies, "Yes." "Which one?" he asks. "All of them," she says. Josh just softly says, "Wow." Donna is smiling, looking beautiful and doing an amazing come-hither with just her eyes. I need to ask for some lessons -- I might be getting some more elevator dances for myself. Josh asks her if she ever "came on board." She says no, and so he clarifies his question as if she couldn't understand his real meaning -- I think it's fair to assume this must be because he's tired, since she's already outsmarted him about all of the secret goings-on of the campaign.

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