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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

5:01 PM EST. Will walks into the White House, where Kate gives him quite the saucy "Hey stranger." They pedeflirt down the hall. "Saw your briefing this morning -- apple cider and lame duck jokes, that all you got?" she teases him. "As opposed to you, whose day seems to include watching briefings on C-SPAN and roaming the halls to gossip about them." Oooooh, one for Josh! "I try to prevent war in east Asia, too," she adds. Details. Will mentions needing to look for a job, and she faux-casually asks, "In the Santos administration?" Both are wearing their "I voted" stickers. They realize that the exit polls are leaning Santos. Will's not sure if he wants to stay either in communications or in federal government, but when Kate mentions consulting work, he tells her, "I'm actually feeling a little bit sentimental about California." Kate repeats the word faux-casually and turns to face him as he explains, "Local political work. There's something romantic about it, really." "'Romantic'..." she muses. She's trying to play along but makes her exit, and as she goes to leave, Will asks if she's okay. Oh, Will, learn to read a woman when she suddenly exits the conversation you're having that involves you on the opposite coast. It's one of the easiest reads in the book! She just tells him, "Keep me updated on...the exit polls," and leaves.

Annabeth and Ronna are looking at a blog that calls Santos "the first Latino President." Lou's pissed, but Josh is atomic about how dangerous it is to post the raw exit poll data, etc...there's a lot of angry pacing and slamming down of papers until even Lou is defending the guy. Josh has a point -- that they don't want West Coast voters not voting since they think Santos has it in the bag already. Lou replies that the undecideds aren't the ones reading these blogs about exit polls, but Josh thinks maybe the networks would report it as news. However, Lou's got the better point: "Do you really think people are going to look at...Bernard's Blogland and mistake what they see for news?" Josh is doing the horrible attempted save of a losing argument by answering yes. "How big do you think the readership of Bernard's Blogland is?" Lou asks him. But she's done it now. Josh has an actual meltdown in front of the whiteboard about voter turnout while Donna's on a call in the background. Lou finally screams Josh's name and gets him to shut up his frantic yelling. Everyone watches the crazy man leave. He slams onto the roof and just pants there for a bit. Donna follows him out (and my only thought is, what if the door locks behind you?!) (It doesn't, just to put your mind at ease so that you can focus on the meltdown.) Josh is breathing through his gaping mouth. He asks Donna why she's there, and she answers, "I've been appointed." "To what?" he asks, surprised. "To make sure your head's not actually going to explode," she tells him. She actually took my line right there. He explains that the numbers aren't adding up, but she quietly and calmly tells him that they never do. Her rational and calming manner is finally helping him out, and all I can think about is how soon this type of scene could play out again as he has a meltdown for a completely different reason, and now I'm sad. She tells him that all he's been working for is there, and that it has to just be: "There's nothing left to do, Josh." He's making his smelly face, and sighs again.

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