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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

The Santos Key Players are now congregated in the hallway at 5:55 CST. Lou is giving Otto yet more speeches, and he finally, exasperated, lists them out: "We need one if he wins, one if he loses. One if he loses the Latino vote. One if he wins the electoral vote but loses the popular vote. One if he loses the electoral vote but wins the popular vote. And one if he loses his home state." Lou: "Right." Otto: "What if two of these things happen simultaneously?" Oh, Otto, stop right now. You know the answer to that is just more work and less Lou sex for you. "I mean, what if he loses his home state and the Latino vote and still wins?" "That too, then," Lou agrees. Josh enters, and tells Otto also to write a speech for if it's too close to call. That's the Josh Lyman catchphrase at this point. Poor Otto actually leans back and begins thumping his head against the wall. Still want that job as a White House speechwriter, Otto? Josh tells them all to head back into the war room as the East Coast polls close.

Will's in his office, Kate spying on him through the window. She comes in and shuts the door, and mentions how she walked away, and his response is just "Yeah, it got weird all of sudden." Guys, let this be a lesson to you. Go back to what I said about mentioning a cross-country move and rethink your words next time. You'll thank me, I promise. Will asks if it was California and she says no, and suddenly they're talking over each other as he says that if she were to stay in DC he could -- at this point she's saying she could never ask him to -- stay. He tells her, "You spend the night at my house more often than not." "Which makes me..." she prompts. "A really good date?" Okay, Will, you just won me back. Though she smiled, Kate still seems upset -- she's pacing, and Will's just standing with his hands in his pockets. "I'm not like you," Kate begins. "I don't live and die with the Democratic Party. I want to see the next president through this crisis, whoever he is." "You keep saying that," Will replies and repeats, "'The next president, whoever he is...'" Kate defends herself, "Yeah, well, the NSC's a non-partisan..." The light clicks on above Will's head. "Did you vote for Vinick?" She's speechless, and he's shocked. "You voted for Arnold Vinick?" Unfortunately for Kate, Will looks genuinely flabbergasted.

Jane and Bob talk quietly about how Bruno won't stop looking at the numbers, so she sends him to go speak to Bruno, who launches into how some numbers could be off. Bob can't seem to interrupt. Eventually, he jumps in and, in an act that seems to begin to accept an unfavorable outcome, points out that they are losing in North Dakota, "a state which has gone Republican for the last forty years." Bruno responds with more numbers, and Bob asks him what he'll do after this campaign. Bruno's a robot, and just responds manically with more numbers. He's got the glasses/Grandmother look rocking again. "You've done a hell of a job here." Bob tells him sincerely. "The nuclear thing -- there's no way you could have anticipated that." With that, we hear the overconfident voice of Paul Moyer, real-world local Los Angeles newscaster/fake world national newscaster coming from the TV. Six more states now closed which means actual results will start coming in. Jane is actually literally clutching her pearls (okay, so they're not pearls, but she's clutching her necklace and I can't resist use of the phrase) as we have a touching close-up of Paul assuring the nation that he'll get them all the info they need to know.

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