West Wing
Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

Pulling back from Paul, Team Santos is watching the same coverage. Lou asks about congressional races, which makes Annabeth look at her watch and announce that "Leo's gonna sleep through the whole damn thing. I've gotta go get him up." Oh god. This is going to be horrible. As they look at her, amazed, she adds, "What can I say? Nerves of steel. Just gotta get him cleaned up for the party. He's been threatening to wear his robe." (She puts a delightful little sneer on "robe.") Ronna comments, "Oh! Nothing says victory like threadbare flannel." Lou is rubbing her eyes and looking exhausted, and Josh is worrying his hair. A cheer rises at some results, but then Paul brings us the breaking news that West Virginia is unexpectedly going to Vinick.

Santos is watching the same thing when Helen walks in. He's all groggy. I can't tell you how much more I like groggy/confused/cute Santos more than overwhelmed candidate Santos. I've got a little crush brewing. "I slept!" he exclaimed. "And lost West Virginia, apparently." "And Kentucky and Indiana," Helen adds. "I'm a loser," Santos exclaims. "Oh, 24 to nothing, baby!" She's seeming a lot more relaxed and herself now too. "But you can still rebound. I have faith." They both just seem happy and real. I guess home will do that for you. Santos's attention turns back to the TV, which my closed captions tell me is worth hearing but the actual volume of the TV doesn't play. Helen asks, "Where are you?" "Hmm?" he mumbles. "In your head, where did you go?" "Just thinking about what I'm gonna do tomorrow," he muses. She's got the answer: "We'll take the kids to school, then go out to breakfast: bacon and pancakes." My stomach just growled. Clearly I know what I'm getting for breakfast tomorrow. "Backyard needs rakin'." Santos just looks exhausted.

The omnipresent Paul Moyer broadcast is on TV in C.J.'s office as she eats a salad. Charlie walks in and asks if she wants to take the offers home, to which she delivers a hearty "No thanks." "Maybe We can take a look again tomorrow," he doggedly replies. "Maybe after Christmas," she says. "Maybe next week," he counters. She's done, and sharply asks, "Why are we still talking about this?" "Honestly?" Charlie asks. Yeah. "You're a smart and savvy woman who could easily consider world domination as her next career move." C.J. glares at him. "And I'd like to continue working with you, if that's a possibility," Charlie says a bit more softly, looking back to the TV. She stabs her salad and knows he's gotten her where it counts. She tells him to pack some offers up for her to take home, picks another up, and starts to peruse it.

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