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Election Day, Part I

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Election Day, Part I

Moyer narrates us back to Josh and his numbers. When they project Santos to win Pennsylvania, there's cheering and blue coloring. Donna approaches Josh as he rambles on about his mother and her reports on her friends' votes. He's looking puffy and unshaven and finally asks the real question that has driven him to this state: what if, with everything they did, nothing has changed in three months? Donna finishes, "And it all comes down to California." She tries to assure him that he needed to make the tough choices, but he's a dog with a bone about the numbers. He goes back through all the problems in detail. I'm officially uninterested in Josh's freakouts anymore. "We don't have this wrapped up," he asserts. Way to go with the power of positive thinking, Josh. Remind me to book you for some quality motivational speaking.

Paul narrates to Vinick's office that it's going to be close, and Bruno watches with very pursed lips as Paul concludes, "It's going to be a very long night for Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick."

In the motorcade, Bram tells Santos he won South Carolina. Santos looks serious, but not terrified. He actually seems more Presidential than he ever has.

Annabeth's voice carries over as she tells the Secret Service agent, "I'm betting he's gonna want to be up for this. Mind letting me in?" And we're now at the moment I wished we never had to see on this show. Annabeth looks absolutely adorable with her hair all wavy and gives a bright smile as he opens the door. She goes in merrily calling, "Leo! Helloooo! ...Leo!" By now she sounds just a hair more annoyed but also tentative. Leo's nowhere to be found, and so she looks at the bathroom door, which we can't see past, and heads in, calling his name. Then there's a very different yell: "Leo! Somebody help me! Call 911!" The Secret Service agents begin to rush in, yelling that he's down and needs an ambulance.

I've got horrible goosebumps that come back every time I've watch this scene. Bring the Kleenex next Sunday.

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